Marvel Shows Why Deadpool Was Born To Be King of Monsters


Only someone as unhinged as Wade Wilson’s Deadpool could tolerate how boring and lame Marvel’s monsters actually are, let alone care.

Warning: Spoilers for Deadpool #8

Anyone who knows Deadpool knows that he’s a bit of an oddball in the world of Marvel superheroes. He’s slightly unhinged, seemingly invincible, lives for breaking the fourth wall, is wildly reckless, and generally gives off a devil-may-care attitude; but lately he’s also taken on the title of King of the Monsters. To some, this role may seem to make absolutely no sense, but in Deadpool #8, readers were shown why Deadpool is actually quite suited for the title of king.

Although all Wade wanted when he first fell into the role were endless parties, women, and free things, he quickly settled into the role rather nicely. Well, maybe not nicely, but the throne seemed to fit his frivolity surprisingly well. He took on Kraven the Hunter to protect his new island kingdom inhabitants, created his own Knights of the Roundish Table, and, to the best of his ability, has continued to fight for the rights of his subjects. Apparently, he’s also been handling more domestic issues as well.

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Related: Deadpool Just Got A Massive, Yet Tragic Power UpgradeIn the latest issue, before Deadpool ran off with Elsa Bloodstone to fight the Queen of the Bone Beasts, he left the Night Wolf to run things in his stead. So, while Deadpool was off kicking bone-butt, Night Wolf had to hang back and man the throne back on Staten Island. Little did he know that meant he’d end up being a sounding board for common place monsters to come complain to about their every day lives. Before Deadpool left he seemed afraid to be left in charge, but once he was sitting in the throne, he looked outright bored and annoyed. He couldn’t believe that the job forced upon him included indulging the domestic complaints of every random monster that wandered into the court. To be fair, though, thinking about Deadpool’s tendencies, neediness, desire to be venerated and appreciated, and his own plethora of personal issues he’s racked up, it kind of make sense. It almost seems like the role was made for him… even if killed a guy to get there.

Night Wolf_Deadpool 8


Think about it. Not everyone cares about the issues of relative strangers, let alone issues that seem trivial, but Deadpool does. Him and his life are so unhinged that he’s found solace, happiness, and kinship in playing therapist for any monster that seeks counsel. It’s probably because of his neediness and desire to be needed that he’s so comfortable in the role and openly welcomes the more mundane asks of his subjects. Plus, underneath it all, Wade really does care and aims to protect the innocent in his own chaotic way.To someone like Night Wolf, who is strictly a warrior and is used to the old way of the monster kingdom, it’s both irritating and also a waste of his time. To Wade, it probably acts as both an ego boost and a reassuring reminder that he’s needed and respected in his own right. It may be a bit weird and unorthodox for a king, but hey, that’s Deadpool: a caring, assertive, sarcastic, needy, chaotic man who fell surprisingly well into the role of king.

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