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The late 1990s and early 2000s brought a lot of well-received movies that have and will go down in history as iconic. A lot of directors decided to focus on psychological thrillers by taking a deep dive into the minds of sadistic serial killers and find out what makes them tick; one, in particular, was The Cell. Starring Jennifer Lopez, fans to see her in a darker light, even though Lopez has played an array of characters over her career. Lopez plays the part of Catherine Deane, a social worker who is open to experimenting with new technology to get into the minds of her patients.

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Fans will remember that the film took a turn when an FBI agent approaches this team and asks them to help out with a kidnap victim case by delving into the mind of a very troubled serial killer. This film was nerve-wracking with all of the twists and turns and it’s difficult to compare it to any other movie, but there are similar films to watch that have similarities and scream psychological thriller. Fans can find it available on Amazon Video today.

10 The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

Man And Woman Looking At Each Other


The Silence of the Lambs is one of those movies that crime, thriller, and horror fans are well-aware of; if not, this is a reminder. Directed by Jonathan Demme, a young FBI cadet named Clarice Starling is tasked with interviewing an incarcerated cannibal killer, based on his knowledge of another serial killer that’s on the loose.

Time is ticking for the killer’s latest victim and Starling must go down the rabbit hole to find the madman’s lair. Starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster, The Silence of the Lambs is not only one of the best films ever, but it’s one of Foster’s most iconic and recognizable roles.

9 Gothika (2003)

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Gothika packs a punch when it comes to the storyline, the cast, and the crazy plot twist at the end; in other words, it’s a must-see. Starring Halle Berry, Dr. Miranda Grey, played by Berry, is a psychiatrist who works in the mental institution sector of a penitentiary. One of her clients, played by Penelope Cruz, claims she is being abused in her cell by the devil.

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After a stormy night, Miranda gets into a car crash and when she wakes up, she realizes she’s an inmate in the same institution she was once employed at. She has no memory of any crime she committed and must uncover the dark secrets surrounding this place.

8 Mindhunters (2004)

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Not to be confused with the riveting television show Mindhunter, the 2004 film Mindhunters is a great little thriller that turns the table on the hunters being hunted. When a group of new FBI profilers goes to a remote island for training, they use a profiling system called “Mindhunters” that’s used to track down serial killers.

Not too long after they’ve arrived, the trailing starts to go horribly wrong and the seven young agents realize a killer is amongst the group. Starring Val Kilmer, Christian Slater, and Eion Bailey, Mindhunters is a unique film that shows not all is what it seems.

7 Split (2017)

Man With Crazed Look Bending Metal Bars

First, there was Unbreakable in 2000 and then there was Split that was released in 2016. Since then another piece of the franchise was adapted, Glass, in 2019. Perhaps of the most multi-dimensional films of the three is Split, based on the narrative. Starring the brilliant James McAvoy, three girls are kidnapped by a man that goes by many names and has been diagnosed with 23 distinct personalities.

Of the three girls, one is especially determined to find her way out of her captivity and escape before the 24th personality is shown. There couldn’t be a better casting in Split than James McAvoy and because of that, this film will remain one of his best.

6 Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Woman With Cherry And Other Woman Looking In Surprise

Girl, Interrupted might not have a supernatural aspect to its storyline, but it does have an in-depth look at an actual account of what it was like for a woman to be in a mental hospital. Based on writer Susanna Kaysen’s time spent in a mental institution in the 1960s, Winona Ryder stars as her, with the help of A-lister Angelina Jolie.

The 1960s weren’t as evolved as times are today, which makes the journey Susanna had,  painful to watch at times, while also adding in some humor with the help of the other women at the hospital. Girl, Interrupted is a classic and is one of Winona Ryder’s most iconic roles to date.

5 Predestination (2014)

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Predestination follows the life of a time-traveling agent, who is assigned his last mission after getting hurt. Becoming involved with a unique woman named Jane, the man wants to recruit her to play a part in the Temporal Agency. It’s then she finds out she’s pregnant and during complications during pregnancy, she has to undergo gender reassignment and goes by the name John.

The agent, played by Ethan Hawke, offers Jane a do-over as sorts, so she can go back in time and seek revenge on her past lover. This movie is a bit of a doozy, but it’s worth a watch and uses technology and the mind to alter time. Predestination is also one of Ethan Hawke’s best movies so far. 

4 Get Out (2017)

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Director and writer Jordan Peele came out with Get Out in 2017 and it changed the horror and thriller genres to become immersed on a deeper level, with hidden messages portrayed throughout the film. When a young black man named Chris Washington goes with his white girlfriend Rose Armitage to a weekend at her parents, all seems normal until Chris finds out their perception of him is a bit off.

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Throughout the weekend, Chris notices the disturbing revelations of who his girlfriend’s parents are and what their intentions seem to be. Get Out had a huge nod into today’s societal problems and Daniel Kaluuya’s performance as Chris was one of many Oscar-worthy roles in film history.

3 Ex Machina (2015)

Two Men And Female Robot Looking Into The Camera

Domhnall Gleeson stars as Caleb, a 26-year-old programmer who works at the world’s largest internet company. Caleb is the lucky winner of a competition that includes a week spent with the company’s CEO at his private mountain retreat.

Caleb is unsure of what to expect, but when he arrives, he learns he will have to participate in odd experiments that include the world’s first true artificial intelligence. Caleb’s feelings towards this robot girl grow, while the intentions of this bond grow suspicious.

2 The Watcher (2000)

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The Watcher is a bit of a cat and mouse game, with a slight Dexter vibe attached to it. David Allen Griffin, played by Keanu Reeves, is a slick serial killer, who chooses female victims and watches their movements for weeks. Griffin has the forensic knowledge to back him up and when an FBI agent, played by James Spader, is onto him, he realizes Griffin is much too smart to be captured.

Some time later, Griffin starts to toy with the psychologically damaged Campbell, by sending him a photo of his most recent victim. The Watcher is clever and everything a crime thriller should be.

1 A Cure For Wellness (2016)

Man In Water Tank With Creatures

The Cure for Wellness follows a work-obsessed young man sent to bring back his company’s CEO from a mysterious wellness center located in the Swiss Alps. He soon realizes, however, that the wellness center is not the idyllic place it portrays itself to be.

When he started to unravel the center’s dirty secrets, his own mental wellness is tested and he realizes he has much more in common with the patients there than he thought.

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