Phasmophobia: How to Use Salt (& What It’s For)


Phasmophobia is full of equipment that helps the player hunt ghosts. Simple salt is one of the best for tracking and identifying these spirits.

Phasmophobia has players taking on the role of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators as they visit various haunted locations. The main goal is to identify the ghost type and to complete a variety of side objectives. All while attempting to stay alive and collecting extra photo evidence to turn in for extra cash.

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The game allows players to buy and use a variety of items to deal with ghosts, and one of them includes salt. Known to repel demons and other supernatural phenomena, salt can be a useful tool in collecting evidence of paranormal activity provided it is used strategically. It is also a notable weapon against wraiths, who are extremely sensitive to salt.

What Salt is Used For in Phasmophobia


Salt in this game takes the form of salt piles. These salt piles can be placed all throughout a haunted building by using a salt shaker, each of which is capable of creating 3 salt piles total before being used up. Salt piles are toxic to most ghosts, and as such can serve as a deterrent to any ghost who is believed to be hostile. In some cases, ghosts have even been known to avoid salt piles at low sanity levels, which makes them ideal for anyone who wants to avoid the ghost during the early part of the investigation.

But the main purpose of salt is to help the player collect evidence. If the ghost is capable of leaving a footprint, these footprints can leave evidence in the salt pile when the ghost walks over it. But in order to really see the footprint, the player either needs to shine a UV light on the salt pile or use a glowstick. Quite notably, salt piles are especially effective against wraiths, who will immediately cancel their attack if they make contact with any salt pile.

Given these effects, players are recommended to place salt piles at various choke points that the ghost is likely to travel through. Then return to these salt piles after some time has passed, and view them with a UV light to see if the ghost has left any evidence. Or instead of flashing a UV light, players can instead leave glowsticks by the salt piles.

Keep in mind that since these salt piles can show evidence of footprints, players can also take a photo of these piles in order to make some extra cash since it technically counts as evidence.

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Phasmophobia is available on PC

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