What Tom Bergeron Said About Show’s Worst Dancers


Longtime Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron has shared some of his thoughts regarding the best and worst dancers on the show.

Longtime Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron has shared some of his thoughts regarding the best and worst dancers on the show. Over the years, many celebrities have gotten the chance to dance in the DWTS ballroom. As of season 29, 336 celebrities have made their way onto the ballroom floor to try to be crowned the champions and take home the mirrorball trophy. Despite having countless stars appearing on the show, that doesn’t mean that they always turn out to be good dancers.

Back when Dancing With The Stars premiered in the summer of 2005, the show was hosted by Tom Bergeron and Lisa Canning. This was Lisa’s only season as a host, but Tom remained as the main host (with a few different co-hosts) until he and Erin Andrews (who was the most recent co-host) were let go right before season 29. In 2020, the show cast Tyra Banks as the host. Throughout his DWTS career, Tom has seen many celebrities try their hand at ballroom dancing, some being good and some being not so good.

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Recently, DWTS legend Tom Bergeron appeared on The Stuttering John Podcast, where he was asked to comment on the best and worst dancers in the history of the show. Tom revealed that, in his eyes, George Hamilton and Jerry Springer were great contestants who were cast on Dancing With The Stars. Tom said, “George Hamilton, going back to the early years. He wasn’t a great dancer, he had only about two or three steps, but he was wonderfully charming.” Then, Tom went on to say that Jerry Springer was another dancer who wasn’t the best dancer, but was someone that had a wonderful personality. In fact, the two even formed a friendship after the show. This full podcast episode can be watched below (skip to 43:53).

Later in the interview, Tom told the podcast host that the worst DWTS dancer in his eyes was Kenny Mayne. He said, “I really like Kenny Mayne and am very fond of him but there was a time when he forgot a step and he just waved it off in the middle of the dance.” But Tom also had a good laugh about it. He then revealed that certain professional dancers were unsure if they wanted to continue on the show without him. However, Tom told them that they were still young and building a brand, and shouldn’t worry about him.

With Dancing With The Stars now halfway through season 29, the fans have been urging for Tom and Erin to get re-hired on the show. Nonetheless, Tom has said that he’s been enjoying the time off and that he doesn’t think he would return to host the show, even if asked. For the fans, this means that they might not get their way after all.

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Source: The Stuttering John Podcast

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