Which Avatar Element Would Each Main Character Bend?


If the squad of Stranger Things ever found themselves in the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender, what element would each of them bend?

Netflix’s hit 80’s revival series Stranger Things really lives up to it’s title. Despite the fact that the series focuses on mostly normal people, the main characters find themselves in extremely bizarre and supernatural circumstances on a nearly constant basis (and surprisingly they handle the situations relatively well).

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Since Stranger Things is no stranger to people with superpowers, it’s interesting to consider what the cast of characters would be like if they all had supernatural abilities. So with that in mind, if the Stranger Things characters found themselves in the world of Avatar, what bending style would they all use?

10 Max Mayfield – Fire


In El’s absence, Max Mayfield became the feisty girl who completely turned the party’s lives upside down, and despite not having superpowers, she managed to live up to her predecessor.

Max is an incredibly brave and assertive girl who speaks her mind and doesn’t back down to anyone, which makes her a pretty ideal firebender. A lot of firebender power comes from within, and that seems to be where all of Max’s strength comes from too.

9 Lucas Sinclair – Earth

Lucas Sinclair is solid as a rock, for better or worse. He is the most stubborn member of the party and doesn’t shy away from contradicting them when he thinks he should, but when someone has won his respect or loyalty he will stand by them forever.

Earthbending is all about strength, and Lucas is undeniably one of the strongest characters on Stranger Things.

8 Dustin Henderson – Water

Dustin seemingly contrasts Lucas in a lot of ways. While Lucas is incredibly stubborn, Dustin is extremely flexible and adaptable. Dustin would be an ideal waterbender, as he is a very creative thinker and he’s very good at adjusting to situations and figuring out solutions to problems.

Waterbenders are also very in touch with their emotions and don’t like conflict, which is very on point for Dustin as a character too.

7 Nancy Wheeler – Fire

At the start of the series, Nancy Wheeler seemed like a very shy and somewhat uptight girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly. But when things got real, Nancy exposed her tougher side.

Unlike most people, she tackled a terrifying problem straight on and without even really asking for help, and the worse things got, the more aggressive and strong Nancy got. She would be an ideal firebender, as directness and power are the hallmarks of the bending style.

6 Mike Wheeler – Air

Stranger Things - Mike Wheeler with Walkie Talkie

Unlike his sister, Mike could probably fit into a few different bending styles if he truly wanted to, but the ideal match for him seems like it would be airbending.

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Airbending is all about freedom from rules and regulations, and Mike is certainly as rebellious as an airbender needs to be. Mike also doesn’t hesitate to consider incredibly unbelievable and off the wall ideas, which would probably make him a very talented airbender.

5 Jonathan Byers – Earth

Within the entire Byers family, it seems like Jonathan is the one who provides the most common sense and stability. He’s never the type to go looking for a fight, but when he feels like he needs to act, especially in defense of those he loves, he acts.

Earthbending incorporates a lot more defensive strategy than many of the other bending arts, and Jonathan’s ability to be patient and strike at the right time would lend itself well to the bending style.

4 Will Byers – Air

A key element of airbending is the fact that it isn’t controlled by any environmental factors and can literally be done anywhere at any time.

Will Byers sort of has to be an airbender by necessity, as he is someone who was ripped from his reality and taken to another one where he had to survive completely on his own with no tools or assistance.

3 Joyce Byers – Air

Stranger Things Joyce lights

While Will is an airbender by necessity, Joyce feels much more like an airbender by nature. All of the other bending styles are grounded in tangible reality while airbending is not, and it’s clear that Joyce’s overall attitude and perspective in life matches up with this concept wonderfully.

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Joyce never lets the real world get in the way of what she knows and understands, so she’d likely be a very masterful airbender.

2 Jim Hopper – Earth

Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 8

In contrast to someone like Joyce is someone like Jim Hopper. Jim is incredibly reluctant to accept the otherworldly situation he suddenly finds himself in, and if it weren’t for his deep connection with Joyce, he likely would have written her off as a kook and never investigated anything further.

He’s also and incredibly reliable and incredibly stubborn man, which seems to really mesh well with the earthbending style.

1 Eleven Hopper – Fire

It comes as no surprise that someone like El would be a firebender. As the only major character in the series with legit superpowers, it’s possible that El could have been powerful enough to become an energybender, but her personality seems to be all fire.

Every time a threat faces someone she loves she is the first one into the fray, and she runs straight at every problem without thought or consideration.

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