Which Pokémon Would Make The Best Pokémon Partner For Your Profession?


Detective Pikachu showed everyone how a world where humans and Pokémon live together can be possible. It is demonstrated from the existence of Ryme City that Pokémon in all shapes and sizes are able to do human activities alongside their owners. Pikachu is the obvious example of that human-and-Pokémon partnership.

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Aside from Pikachu, Pokémon have many abilities that can make for good companions in different jobs. In the movie, Charmanders make for helpful cooks, Jigglypuffs prove to be sweet lounge singers, and Machamps can be efficient traffic enforcers. But what other Pokémon can be the best partner for one’s profession?

10 Buizel – Lifeguard Duty

A screenshot showing Ash's Buizel in the middle of battle from the Pokémon anime series


Buizel is a Generation IV Pokémon that bears resemblance on real-life weasels or sea otters. It is a Water-type with blue fins on its arms and two tails for swimming, propelling (and flying in the anime). It evolves into Floatzel, a larger Sea Weasel Pokémon.

In the anime, Dawn had possessed a Buizel but traded it to Ash since it was more interested in battles than contests. Seeing from its determination on hefty tasks, Buizel could make for a good lifeguard with its Swift Swims to run to drowning victims.

9 Swablu – Custodian

A screenshot showing a Swablu sweeping in from the Pokémon anime series

Swablu is a Normal-Type avian Pokémon with a blue, spherical body and cloud-shaped wings. This Generation III creature tends to nestle on top of people’s heads. Though, it has a particular dislike for unclean surroundings so it uses its cottony wings to clean its area.

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Because of its cleanly tendencies, Swablu can be helpful for cleaning and maintenance occupations. With its ability to fly, they can help dust off shelves, remove cobwebs and stains, and wipe dirt from surfaces. Also, its miniature appearance makes them adorable companions to tag along.

8 Scyther – Cuisine

A screenshot showing Goh's Scyther about to strike from the Pokémon anime series

Among the Bug Types from Generation I, Scyther has to be one of the coolest kinds to own and train. This dual-type Bug/Flying Pokémon has an anatomy similar to a praying mantis, down to the thorax, body, and white scythes used for hunting and fighting.

Scyther uses its scythes to seamlessly slice through any object. Even though its ability can be used for numerous functions, it is most helpful in cooking, particularly with slicing meat, vegetables or other ingredients. They can really make other cooks envious of its slicing skills.

7 Gurdurr – Construction

A screenshot showing Gurdurr in the middle of an arena match from the Pokémon anime series

There are many strong Pokémon throughout generations that can handle occupations that require heavy lifting. One of them is Gurdurr, the evolved form of Timburr. Gurdurr is a Generation V Fighting-Type who is notable for carrying a beam girder and its Guts/Sheer Force fighting ability.

Easily, Gurdurr would work well for construction work. Any carpenter or engineer may find it helpful in carrying equipment around. Plus, its persistence to handle tasks make them efficient around construction workers. If not, there are always wrestling and bodyguard careers for them in line.

6 Stoutland – Police Work

A screenshot showing Cheren's Stoutland at the beginning of a battle from the Pokémon anime series

As seen from Pokémon Detective Pikachu, canine Pokémon like Snubbull are helpful companions in the police force. So, Stoutland could qualify as a partner for cops. This canine Pokémon is a Generation V Normal-Type that is proven to be loyal and intelligent to its owners.

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Speaking of, since a Stoutland enjoys its time around humans, it can make for a trustworthy partner in any area. But as a partner to cops, Stoutland and its mass persistently protects those who are vulnerable against those who are deemed as a potential threat.

5 Audino – Nursing

A screenshot showing Audino with its owner Mimi from the Pokémon anime series

Audino is a Normal-Type Pokémon from Generation V. It is a bipedal variant with pink and cream fur and ears that it uses as a radar. While it does not have an evolved form, it can Mega Evolve into Mega Audino using Mega Stone Audinite.

Alongside Blissey, an Audino is always shown to be assisting several Nurse Joys. It is because its ears act like stethoscopes and can assess a Pokémon’s condition. Audino is also caring and kind-hearted, making them trustworthy assistants for nurses and medical practitioners to handle patients.

4 Smeargle – Graphic Design

A screenshot showing Ilima's Smeargle being introduced to Ash and gang from the Pokémon anime series

Now, looking at this Pokémon, it is obvious what its specialty is. Smeargle is a Normal-type Pokémon from Generation II with a long tail with a paintbrush-like tip that has a green tint. Pokémon trainers are familiar of its ability to use Sketch, which copies the attacks of other Pokémon.

The paint color on its tail varies for each Smeargle, but it can change depending on its mood. Since it has an active creative mind, Smeargle can be dependable on art and painting. So, for all graphic designers, own one now.

3 Delibird – Delivery Service

A screenshot showing Delibird after it lost its bag from the Pokémon anime series

Still on Generation II, there is Delibird, a dual-type Ice/Flying Pokémon. Delibird is a delivery bird with a distinctive red-feathered body and hollow tail. Though penguin-like in appearance, it can fly to any terrain with determination. It appeared in the anime to assist the Team Rocket trio after their sudden demotion.

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Delibird is a delivery Pokémon who uses its bag to send food to its chicks and necessary items to people living in mountainous areas. So, Amazon may not need drones for real when there is Delibird.

2 Rotom – Technical Support

A screenshot showing Rotom showing itself from the Pokémon anime series

Rotom is a Generation IV Electric/Ghost dual-type Pokémon, famous for its ability to possess electronic appliances and adapt to its forms and half of its type. In the series, the Electric Pokémon took refuge inside a special Pokédex and became Ash’s sentient Pokédex who guides him throughout the Alola region.

With its ability to take control of appliances and gadgets, Rotom can be ideal for technicians, computer engineers ,and other IT personnel to partner on handling troubleshooting problems, rebooting faulty gadgets, and even accessing information. Beware though of its shocks.

1 Squirtle – Firefighting

A screenshot showing Ash's Squirtle and its Squirtle Squad from the Pokémon anime series

Now, here is a timeless favorite. While Blastoise is an obvious choice, as it had a cameo appearance in Detective Pikachu, the honor goes to its original form, Squirtle. A light blue Turtle Pokémon with a red shell, Squirtle is one of the two most chosen Starter Pokémon from Generation I.

In the anime, Ash’s Squirtle was formerly a leader of the Squirtle Squad who ended up joining Ash in his journey, while the rest of his squad become honorary firefighters. Despite being a beginner Pokémon, its Water-Type abilities and cuteness make them great buddies for firefighters.

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