5 Reasons Why Ross & Rachel Are The Best Couple (& 5 It’s Monica & Chandler)


From being on a break to what happens in London, these two couples defined Friends… but which is the better romance?

Friends is one of the most popular and iconic television shows in history, and that’s largely in part t0 the great cast, the storylines and its easy comedy. Ross and Rachel are probably the most memorable TV couple, but Monica and Chandler aren’t that far behind.

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Ross and Rachel’s on and off relationship sparked a romance that lasted the whole run of the show and we have that to thank for some of Friends’ funniest scenes and episodes. However, Monica and Chandler are also a great couple who have their ups and downs but are ultimately a fan-favorite pairing. But which couple is the best?

10 Ross & Rachel: They’re More Entertaining


Ross and Rachel are definitely the more entertaining couple. They always seem to have the worst timing and pine over each other when the other is in a solid relationship. Jokes are made about their relationship all the time and most of their scenes as a couple, especially in the earlier seasons are hilarious, like when Ross and Rachel go on a date to the museum Ross works at.

9 Monica & Chandler: They’re Consistent

One of the biggest differences between Monica and Chandler’s relationship and Ross and Rachel’s relationship is the fact that Monica and Chandler are consistent over the course of the series. Ross and Rachel break up a few times but nothing ever really seems to faze Monica and Chandler. They first get together at the end of the fourth season in London and no one could have thought that they’d be married and living together by the end of the show.

8 Ross & Rachel: They Were On A Break

One of the best things about Ross and Rachel is actually what made them such a frustrating couple in the first place. Over the 10 seasons, they get together, they break up, date and marry other people and end up together again. Their relationship is pretty tedious, more so in the later seasons. However, whether or not they were on a break, the gap of time that they were on a break only strengthened both their friendship and their relationship.

7 Monica & Chandler: They Were A Surprise

Monica & Chandler becoming a couple was a bit of a surprise, to viewers and to the rest of the characters in the show. They originally got together in the episode with Ross and Emily’s wedding, but it takes a while for the others to find out since they keep in a secret until Joey finds out by himself.

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The fact they’re a couple makes it worth it just for the hilarious reactions we get to see from Joey, Pheobe, Rachel, and Ross.

6 Ross & Rachel: They Moved On From Each Other

Part of Ross and Rachel’s story is that they learn to live without each other, although it’s clear that they seem to be at their happiest when they’re together instead of apart. There’s always something that happens which makes them question their feelings for the other, yet when they’re dating other people they respect that decision and just want them to be happy.

5 Monica & Chandler: They Were Friends First

Monica and Chandler were best friends before they dated, and that definitely shows in their relationship. They’re so comfortable around each other and their amazing chemistry means that they’re a pretty effortless couple. Similarly to Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler have had their fair share of memorable moments on the show, particularly their wedding day.

4 Ross & Rachel: They Had Emma

The most surprising thing for Ross and Rachel was when Rachel found out she was pregnant. She eventually gives birth to Emma and they raise her together, which rekindles their feelings for each other. Chances are that if it wasn’t for Emma then Ross and Rachel may have never gotten back together at the end of the show. Once she’s born they try living together and it definitely confirms their feelings, at least for Ross.

3 Monica & Chandler: They Understand Each Other

If one thing is for sure, Monica and Chandler know each other extremely well.

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Chandler always knows what Monica’s tendencies are and what she likes and what she doesn’t, and Monica does the same for him. They really understand each other and it makes it so enjoyable to follow how their relationship grows throughout the series.

2 Ross & Rachel: They’re Meant To Be Together

Fate brings Ross and Rachel together more than once, and after all the times they either hook up or confess their feelings for each other, it seems like Ross and Rachel should just stay together. After all of Ross’s divorces and all the guys Rachel dates that don’t stick around, it’s hard not to feel like everything is just pulling them together, which is what ends up happening in the finale.

1 Monica & Chandler: Their Long Distance Relationship Worked Out

Long-distance relationships are hard, and when Chandler has to move to Tulsa for his job, there are obvious concerns that this would strain his relationship with Monica. However, because they’re the amazing couple they are, Monica and Chandler manage to work things out, and though he eventually quit his job after realizing he hated it and the long-distance they still managed to keep a strong relationship going.

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