Azan Shocks Fans With Post About Nicole On IG After 3 Years


Azan Tefou’s last picture with Nicole Nagziger is from May 2017. 90 Day Fiancé fans accuse Nicole of posing as Azan on Instagram. Is it true?

Does 90 Day Fiancé’s Azan Tefou really miss Nicole Nafziger? Recently presumed dead because of a  cryptic post on Nicole’s Instagram, Azan posted a selfie with her on his controversial feed. What struck TLC fans as odd was the fact that his last photo with Nicole is from 2017. Did the Moroccon man really post the picture, or is Nicole is the one who’s operating his IG?

It’s been a journey of downs and more downs for Nicole and Azan AKA Hassan M’Raouni, during their multiple 90 Day Fiancé appearances. The troubled pair, who’ve been engaged for three years and almost got married three times, keep getting major backlash even when they’re not on TLC screens. Azan started things on a bad note by body-shaming Nicole, and she was accused of ignoring her toddler for a man who was attracted to her, “but just like 55%.” The Moroccon reality star has also been accused of conning Nicole out of $6000 for a phony beauty store. Some 90 Day Fiancé fans still believe that he’s married with three children back home. Nicole has been slammed for posing as Azan Tefou on his Instagram, especially after prompting rumors of his death with click-bait articles. Azan’s latest Instagram post declaring his love for Nicole came out of the blue and struck many of the couple’s fans as downright odd.

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The fitness trainer, who’d resurfaced via his Azan Tefou Instagram in August (after a year of being AWOL) has been the target of constant criticism since. Nicole has been accused of posting on his feed and impersonating him, especially since Azan never once double-tapped his 90 Day Fiancé’s partner on IG. His last selfie with Nicole was shockingly posted in May 2017 and has comments such as, “He’s not interested in her he’s just playing the game.” However, Azan Tefou does have plenty of time to post videos of him working out, along with a healthy dose of shirtless selfies. When Azan decided to declare his love for the gamer-girl Nicole with a caption, “I love you soooo much babe and I miss you And I’m so jealous of people who get to see you every day,” fans called the post, “FAKE.”

The 90 Day Fiancé star’s post has received multiple comments, ranging from “Nice post Nicole” to “I’m like 65% this is Nicole.” Azan’s followers also noticed how Nicole “used this photo loooooong ago,” namely in March when she’d visited Morocco, only to get stuck there for many months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some comments also call out Azan for taking Nicole’s money: “The wire transfer must have gone through” to “But Nicole said you died! Well, I guess you still need Nicole’s money in the afterlife.”

Strangely, Nicole Nafziger, who is usually quite transparent with her own Instagram followers (she’s often doing Q&A sessions) has replied to fans who ask why Azan refuses to posts her pictures. The first time around, the 90 Day Fiancé star revealed, “There are people (men and women) who feel they don’t need to post pics of their significant other on social media to show love.” More recently, it was after she’d hinted at Azan’s death that she replied with, “Hassan is the only one who goes to the gym and posts fitness inspiration on his IG @justazan.” But what prompted Nicole’s fiancé to post his sudden declaration for love, especially after she posted another click-bait story about their pregnancy? Lots of fans find the whole thing shady.

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Source: Azan Tefou/Instagram, Nicole Nafziger/Instagram


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