Black Adam Will Introduce The DCEU’s Most Powerful Superhero


Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam film will be introducing the Justice Society with one of their members set to become the DCEU’s most powerful superhero.

Black Adam, one of the big upcoming DC films, will be introducing one of, if not the, most powerful superheroes to the DCEU through Doctor Fate. While best known as the nemesis to Shazam (portrayed by Zachary Levi), Dwayne Johnson’s iteration of Black Adam will cast a new light on the DC character. For his live-action debut, Black Adam will be portrayed as an anti-hero in his story before eventually clashing with the superhero version of Billy Batson.

However, Black Adam’s big-screen adventure will also bring a couple of other DC characters to the DCEU. While they have been featured on The CW through Stargirl as of late, the DCEU film will also see the cinematic debut of the Justice Society of America. So far, details are still limited, but four members of the iconic Golden Age superhero group will be seen in the movie with Aldis Hodge and Noah Centineo joining the cast as Hawkman and Atom Smasher. Black Adam is also looking to cast the teenage heroine Cyclone as well as the powerful Doctor Fate. As exciting as it’s to see the JSA coming to the big screen, it’s a major deal for the DCEU to introduce Doctor Fate.

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While the DC Universe has multiple powerful magic-based heroes like Zatanna, John Constantine, and Raven, Doctor Fate is on a whole different level. Even though many have carried the title of the famous sorcerer, Doctor Fate is actually one of the oldest sorcerers in the DC realm. The most iconic character to be associated with the title is Kent Nelson which is the iteration that will be seen in Black Adam. Fate’s power comes through the Helmet of Nabu (or Helmet of Fate as certain versions have referred to it as) which is almost a character in itself. As Doctor Fate has been seen in shows like Smallville, Young Justice, Nabu’s helmet has been depicted as incredibly complicated.


Whoever wears the helmet wields a great amount of power which sometimes comes at huge cost. Despite there being multiple magic-heroes in the DC world, Doctor Fate’s magic is an older and, frankly, complex kind of sorcery. Seeing some of the more mainstream supernatural heroes go up against Fate would be interesting, to say the least, as it’d take a lot to defeat him even as a group. So far, the DCEU has introduced a lot of powerful heroes already from DC Comics, particularly metahumans, aliens, and more. But magic is something that the other films haven’t particularly focused on with the exception of a few such as Enchantress and Shazam.

Black Adam will continue to explore that aspect of the DC Universe with not just Johnson’s character, but also Doctor Fate. Given how many have carried the Doctor Fate mantle (or helmet, to be more exact), this could present some interesting opportunities in the future. Despite being as powerful as he is, Kryptonite isn’t Superman’s only weakness as he can be affected by magic as well. Magic even has effects on godlike heroes like Wonder Woman, which is why Doctor Fate’s cinematic arrival is a major milestone for the DCEU. His truest “weakness” is, ironically, whoever is wearing the Helmet and can possibly overwhelm Nabu.

It’s currently a bit unclear what the timeline is fully like for Black Adam in terms of the DCEU continuity. Assuming it takes place at least several years before the events of Man of Steel, Doctor Fate will have at least been around for a few decades. Whoever gets cast as Doctor Fate will possibly have an interesting time in the DCEU after Black Adam. Even if Kent Nelson never appears in the present timeline, someone else could be wearing the Helmet of Nabu by the time the Justice League meets Doctor Fate. If that were to happen, Black Adam will have managed to bring in Doctor Fate as the most powerful superhero to the DCEU.

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