Christine Quinn Keeps A Pet Tiger for ‘Safety’


On an episode of MTV Cribs, Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn showed off her glam digs, along with her pet tiger. Who knew she’s a big cat lover?

This week, Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn is back in the headlines for introducing the world to her pet tiger, who makes her feel safer at home.

Real estate royalty Christine Quinn and her husband Christian Richard featured their home on the long-running fan-favorite, MTV Cribs. Although fans did get a sneak peek of their Hollywood mansion on Selling Sunset, there was more to learn about the ins and outs of Christine and Christian’s home décor. Something that brings all the little home design details together is the pet tiger that lives in their garden.

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According to MTV International, Quinn and her husband had to get serious when it came to their security. Christine explained the context behind their security measures, saying, “we have got full-time security. There are armed guards and canine unit dogs. We got it all because the house was featured on Selling Sunset. My neighbours recognised it and called me up… I realised it meant people knew where we live now. That was a little scary to me because we are here a lot. And now, when we are away, we take extra precautions. The death threats I had were terrifying.” Christine goes on to say that, “We were warned that a lot of weird things were happening in the area and I joked, ‘If guns and dogs don’t scare people, we need a tiger’… Then I decided it would be really fun to do that. So we found this guy who trains tigers as pets and got one.” See the promo clip below:

She has grown comfortable around her tiger, whose name is still a mystery. It’s reportedly a friendly, well-trained feline, and she assures viewers that the big cat makes her feel safer. If the MTV Cribs promo is of any indication, the rest of the tour of Christine Quinn and Christian’s home is just as extravagant as you would expect. While touring her living room, Christine explains to the MTV Cribs audience that she loves “things that are dripping in gold.” She also points out a sofa from Switzerland that took seven months to make, saying, “dreams really do come true.”

While addressing the ambiance of her home, Christine says that it’s a “dark, cozy, and warm house with a fun vibe.” Given everything fans know about her, dark, warm, and fun isn’t a shocker. Cozy is a bit more of a surprise. The home boasts 9,300 square feet. While explaining her wardrobe situation, Quinn makes it evident that she is maximizing her space by having not one, but two dressing rooms for her highly coveted Selling Sunset wardrobe. She says, “I have another closet that has most of my main stuff in it. The cameras filmed my ‘get ready’ room… my wardrobe room, it is where I have fun and get glam.” Home renovations are still ongoing. Quinn says, “We are still working on the house. Landscaping, the interiors, furniture. That’s probably never going to stop!

Just like most celebrities in this day and age, Christine Quinn embraces luxury as a lifestyle. However, the pet tiger is more intriguing to most than Quinn’s extravagant home décor. Does Quinn’s tiger get to reap the benefits of having such well-heeled owners? What does she feed it? Does she take it for walks? What’s its name? Has it had to attack any intruders? On a more serious note, is keeping a tiger as a pet an ethical, humane, and responsible decision? People who follow Christine’s life won’t stop asking the important questions. Selling Sunset season 4 has been confirmed, although the cast isn’t filming it yet. Maybe Selling Sunset viewers will get the answers they are looking for soon.

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Source: MTV International, Christine Quinn/Instagram


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