How to Find (& Catch) Thundurus in Pokémon: Crown Tundra


Thundurus is one of the legendary genies from the Unova region. This guide will help players find and capture it in Pokemon: Crown Tundra.

Thundurus makes its debut in Pokemon: Crown Tundra. This guide will help players locate it. Originally from the Unova region, Thundurus wandered the land with its two counterparts, Landorus and Tornadus. The trio is known as the Forces of Nature and each features Therian Forms, an alternate take on their designs. Going back to the roots of Pokemon Gold and Silver, players are able to find these Pokemon wandering the wild after listening to the story of an elderly woman on Route 7. In Pokemon: Crown Tundra, players are able to locate it without nearly as much of a hassle. Here’s where players can find Thundurus in Pokemon: Crown Tundra.

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One of the biggest additions in the Crown Tundra is the new Dynamax Adventure mode. Early on in the DLC, players are able to access a Max Cave where players can team up with up to 3 other players can take on 4 Max Raid battles back-to-back. Players won’t be able to use their own trainer Pokemon but rather a rental Pokemon from a setlist. They must then work together to reach the end of the adventure to battle one of the legendary Pokemon that await dormant. Here’s how players can find Thundurus in Pokemon: Crown Tundra. 

Where To Find Thundurus in Pokemon: Crown Tundra

Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra King of Bountiful Harvests and Trainer


Unlike many of the other legendary Pokemon that make their return in this DLC, Thundurus is exclusive to Pokemon Shield version. For players who wish to find it in Pokemon Sword, they will need to either trade with someone who has it or bring it over from Pokemon Home. Players will be able to find it by participating in Dynamax Adventures. It will be one of the legendary Pokemon waiting at the end of the cave. Bring along a Rock or Ice-type Pokemon before battling it to make things a bit easier. Avoid bringing along a Fighting, Flying, Bug, Steel, or Grass-type since Thundurus won’t sustain much damage from these types of moves. It also has the chance to become Shiny for those who are interested in hunting it down.

This marked the end of the player’s adventure in the Galar region (for now) since no new DLC has been announced for the game. It is likely Game Freak has already begun work on the next mainline Pokemon title. Whether it be the heavily anticipated Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake or something completely new is up in the air. Regardless, the DLC has been one of the better parts of the Galar region.

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Pokemon: Crown Tundra is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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