Marie Javins Officially Named Editor-in-Chief


After sharing the duties for the summer with Michelle Wells, Marie Javins has been announced as the new Editor-in-Chief of DC Comics.

Marie Javins has officially been named the new (and sole) Editor-in-Chief of DC Comics. Javins had been serving as an interim editor-in-chief alongside Michelle Wells since former EIC Bob Harras left his position this past summer.

Javins’ appointment comes on the heels of massive editorial changes at DC Comics over the past year, which also saw long-time Co-Publisher Dan DiDio released from the company go, and Jim Lee become the sole Publisher, as well as being promoted to Chief Creative Officer. Javins is a veteran of the comics industry, bringing substantial experience in both the creative and editorial side.

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In addition to editorial and coloring work at Marvel in the 1990s, Javins worked for Teshkeel publishing, which licenses English-language comics for the Middle Eastern and Northern African regions. Working out of their Cairo office, Javins helped introduce readers in those regions to the likes of Hulk, Batman and Archie. Returning stateside, Javins signed on in a temp role to help DC relocate to their Burbank offices, and wound up staying on permanently. She was ultimately promoted to Executive Editor of Global Publishing and Digital Strategy, where she oversaw a number of critically acclaimed titles, such as The Snagglepuss Chronicles and Superman Smashes the Klan. As mentioned, Javins had been serving as interim editor-in-chief with Michelle Wells.

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In an official press release, DC Senior Vice President and General Manager Daniel Cherry III expresses confidence in the decision, stating Javins “intrinsically” understood comics, praising her abilities at “mentoring the next generation of comic book creators and helping them find their voices.” Publisher Jim Lee also spoke directly to those comic fans who have long known of Javins’ role within the company:

“Anyone who has been fortunate enough to work with Marie in the comics business knows two things about her – one, that she has the impeccable creative instincts and the talent relationships needed to create the kind of stories our fans crave and demand. And two, that her deep knowledge of the global business of comics and its endless variations of storytelling means big things are on the horizon for DC in the years to come.”

In the same release, Javins expresses her enthusiasm for the role, saying she is “honored” to take the reins of DC Comics:

“As a young girl devouring comics of Wonder Woman, Nubia, and Supergirl, I never dreamed that decades later, I’d be at the helm of the mighty DC Comics. I’m incredibly honored by this responsibility, and will dedicate myself to supporting and challenging DC’s extended family of staff, talent, retailers, and partners around the world in our quest to tell innovative visual stories that both reflect and expand our world—and in some cases, our galaxy and multiverse.”

DC Comics has made a wise decision in promoting Javins to the role of Editor-in-Chief. Her work at DC alone speaks volumes, as many of the titles she oversaw as Editor of Global Publishing, such as The Snagglepuss Chronicles, were highly acclaimed by both critics and readers. In some cases, the titles even received mainstream media coverage (showing Javin knows how to develop and satisfy an audience. In a time when DC Comics’ future is somewhat uncertain, Marie Javins’ success and commitment to developing new audiences could prove to be critical.

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