Nicole Franzel Shares Cryptic Quote About Betrayal


Nicole Franzel took to social media to share a cryptic quote about betrayal, which is likely in reference to her Big Brother 22: All-Stars drama.

Nicole Franzel took to social media to share a cryptic quote about betrayal, which is likely in reference to her Big Brother 22: All-Stars drama. This was definitely not the best season for Nicole. She had a hard time blindsiding Da’Vonne Rogers, who cast the deciding vote for her to win BB18. She was then prompted to betray Ian Terry, who was a longtime friend and an ally of hers on this season. However, she did the work that she felt was necessary to get further in the game and potentially become the first two-time BB winner in history.

After the Triple Eviction on Big Brother 22, Nicole realized for the first time that she was perhaps not in the best position in the game. Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott almost managed to flip the house vote to take Nicole out, and Memphis Garrett had just put her on the block against David Alexander. So Nicole linked up with Enzo Palumbo through her Final 2 deal with Cody Calafiore, and the three of them moved forward with a tight (albeit informal) alliance that took them to the end. However, when Cody won the final HOH in the Final 3, he cut Nicole and took Enzo to the finale.

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After leaving Big Brother: All-Stars, Nicole Franzel went on a social media purge where she unfollowed lifelong BB friends such as Cody Calafiore, Cody’s girlfriend, Derrick Levasseur, and Daniele Donato Briones. She then announced a new batch of episodes for her Coco Caliente podcast, where she will discuss some of the drama surrounding BB22. Other than that, Nicole has been completely missing from social media ever since she left the house in October. However, on Sunday, November 8, she took to her Nicole Franzel Instagram Story to share a cryptic quote about betrayal and self-preservation. The post (seen below) reads, “don’t betray yourself just to protect those who never protect you.”


Of course, this could be in reference to just about anything, so perhaps it has nothing to do Big Brother. With that being said, Nicole Franzel is typically a private person who doesn’t share her dirty laundry like that. Due to her private nature, the odds are good that this quote was shared publicly as a response to the drama that she’s currently facing. This drama stems from unfollowing many of her friends from BB16 and BB22. Fans will probably find out what she means once she drops those new Coco Caliente episodes.

The Big Brother 22: All-Stars post-season has been much more eventful than the actual game that was played on the show. So, keep expecting the unexpected from these houseguests.

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