Superman & Lois Writer Calls Out Producers For Sexism After Being Let Go


Superman & Lois writer Nadria Tucker states she was let go from the upcoming Arrowverse show after detailing concerns about sexism in scripts.

A writer on The CW’s upcoming series Superman & Lois says she was let go after calling out sexism in the show’s scripts. Superman & Lois will feature the returns of the Arrowverse’s Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman, this time in their own series. Played by Elizabeth Tulloch and Tyler Hoechlin, both characters have appeared before, most recently in last season’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event. Though Superman is the more well-known hero in the comics, in the Arrowverse, his first appearance only came about thanks to his cousin, Kara Danvers/Supergirl, whose own series will come to an end next year.

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Superman & Lois premieres February 23, due to The CW holding all of its Arrowverse shows to 2021. The series will focus on Lois and Clark’s life in Smallville after a tragic event causes them to leave Metropolis. Superman & Lois will also explore their lives as parents to two teenage sons, which will set the show apart from others featuring the Man of Steel. Additionally, some classic DC characters, such as Lana Lang, will play a role. Superman & Lois began filming last week, with Tulloch sharing behind-the-scenes photos leading up to the start date.

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Though Arrowverse viewers have been looking forward to Superman & Lois, writer Nadria Tucker recently shared some potentially troubling information about the show on social media. In a series of tweets, Tucker called out Superman & Lois‘ producers for sexism after being let go the week prior. She specifically mentioned detailing problematic jokes and a lack of female-centered storylines, as well as fighting for Black characters to play heroes instead of only villains. Read Tucker’s tweets in full below:

Though Superman & Lois‘ producers haven’t responded to Tucker’s comments at this time, the implication of her words is troubling. This is especially true considering the Arrowverse has had issues with sexism in the past. In 2017, producer Andrew Kreisberg was fired after being accused of sexual harassment by over a dozen individuals. Additionally, The Flash actor Hartley Sawyer was fired over the summer for a series of racist and misogynistic tweets. With this information in mind, Tucker’s statement isn’t a good look for the Arrowverse or The CW.

The writer makes a good point about the importance of female-focused stories in the series, considering its title. Many are equally, if not more, excited to see further development of Lois’ character, considering she typically plays second fiddle to Superman in the comics and other media. The idea of her receiving equal billing is a big draw, and it will be disappointing if Superman & Lois squanders that potential. Tucker’s comment about the show’s treatment of Black characters is also worth signaling out. Though the Arrowverse is making strides with representation thanks to Javicia Leslie’s casting as the new Batwoman, the thought of a fellow show like Superman & Lois only portraying Black characters as villains is problematic, to say the least.

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