Tayshia Adams Wishes Clare Warned Her About Certain Guys


Bachelorette Tayshia Adams tells Jimmy Kimmel that she wishes Clare Crawley, who parted early after finding love, shared dirt about the remaining men.

When Clare Crawley unexpectedly passed The Bachelorette torch to Tayshia Adams, Clare “blew up” the reality show by leaving prematurely with her now-fiancé, Dale Moss, and Tayshia says she could’ve used some words of wisdom 39-year-old Clare. Thanks to Clare’s speedy engagement, heartbreaking split with the remaining contestants, and quick exit from the cast’s quarantine bubble at La Quinta Resort and Club, there was simply no time for girl talk.

Colton Underwood ended things with Tayshia Adams, which is now 30, on The Bachelor season 23. Adams was contacted by producers over the summer to replace Clare. After the original Bachelorette refused to award a rose on a group date, and the men savagely roasted her beloved Dale, it was clear she only had eyes for Moss, who is a 32-year-old former football player. Executive producer Robert Mills said the call to Tayshia Adams was made, and Adams was immediately flown out for a two-week quarantine, prior to meeting her suitors. With all of the confusion and tension that ensued during this unprecedented turn of events, Tayshia was unable to connect with Clare for some Bachelorette advice…and much-needed dirt on the remaining men in the house.

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Following her premiere episode on Nov. 5, Tayshia appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to reflect on the emotional journey of reentering the Bachelor Nation world mid-season, with limited information at her disposal. She was in the dark about everything that went down with Clare. Adams quickly made a checklist, which consisted of buying a toothbrush, calling her mom, and running a mile to burn off the donuts she ate prior to the call. However, a priority to-do item, which was chatting with Clare, never happened. Tayshia Adams said, “We didn’t speak, she had just gotten engaged so there was a lot going on. I wish we would’ve so she could’ve thrown me a bone and warned me about a guy or two!” She’s still feeling “blessed”, though, based on her recent Instagram post, as seen below:

The 16 men that planned to vie for Clare Crawley’s heart were given a choice by host Chris Harrison, They could stay and have another shot at love, or head home if their minds were still on Clare. All chose to stick around, despite not knowing who the new Bachelorette would be. It’s been said that at least four new guys will be brought on the show exclusively for Tayshia. This will be her third attempt to find a husband through the reality franchise. In addition to her time on The Bachelor, she formed a surprising connection during Bachelor in Paradise season 6, with 25-year-old John Paul Jones (JPJ), though this ended largely because Tayshia sought a more mature partner.

Since none of the original men have raised any major red flags (yet), it’s possible that a few guys may not be over Clare. Blake Moynes, 29, fell hard, often breaking the rules to show his affection. Prior to the show, when contact with the Bachelorette is prohibited, Blake slid into Clare’s DMs to ensure she was doing OK. This was during a time when she was separated from her sick mom. He also daringly crashed a group date for more one-on-one time. There’s also Jason Foster, 31, the former NFL lineman who was so convinced of his connection with Clare that he contemplated leaving after her departure with Dale.

If this is the case, it’s understandable why Tayshia from The Bachelorette feels some type of way. She’s on her own journey to find love, has her own unique personality to share, and shouldn’t be penalized for not being the girl outside the limo on night one.

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Source: People, Tayshia Adams/Instagram

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