Unsolved Mysteries Made The Right Choice For Brooks Case


Unsolved Mysteries chose to leave out speculation concerning the Boones brothers when reporting Alonzo Brooks’ death and it was the right call.

Alonzo Brooks’ 2004 death was re-examined in a 2020 episode of Unsolved Mysteries, and the show justifiably left out rumors about Pat and Jerry Boone. According to witnesses, the two Boone brothers had an altercation with Brooks, supposedly after the latter interacted with their sister Tiffany. Viewers have speculated as to why the story was left out, but the show’s Unsolved Mysteries‘ commitment to accurate reporting would not allow for hypotheticals.

It was rumored that Brooks was harassed by the brothers Boone due to a flirtatious encounter with their little sister Tiffany. Brooks was the only person of color in attendance at a party full of strangers in what many labeled a racist area, igniting some cogitation about Brooks’ precarious presence in La Cygne. Internet theorists heard tell of the purported spat with the Boone brothers and postulations were formed, including but not limited to a racially-motivated murder that led to a hasty cover-up. When Brooks’ body was discovered fairly expediently by his family a month after police had searched in vain, he was barely decomposed despite resting near water. A popular theory was that Pat and Jerry Boone stored Alonzo’s body in a freezer before dumping him. There is, however, no evidence to support this conclusion.

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While the new revival of Unsolved Mysteries does aim to entertain and titillate, it differs from the original series with its documentary format absent of narration. The show is committed to delivering truthful accounts that may lead to some form of resolution for friends and families of victims through audience engagement, and so it is imperative that all information be relevant and documented. The anecdote involving the Boone siblings and their interaction with Brooks at the party the night Brooks disappeared was never proven to be true, so it was not discussed and that was the right thing.


One damning piece of hearsay was when a girl named Mandy Jenkins was said to have overheard the Boone siblings bragging about the murder. She apparently said that the Boones were racist and could make people disappear, sharing an anecdote about a black friend she would get weed from and take to La Cygne to mess with, telling him the last guy (Brooks) ended up in the creek. Mandy would threaten to call her uncles if a friend made her upset, and the power of the Boones in the local community was well known. Her rumored statement set Reddit boards ablaze with conjecture about the Boone boys and their connection to Alonzo’s death. It came to light, however, that she was the second cousin of Pat and Jerry, and in a Facebook post on July 11, 2020, she asserted that she had only been 11 years old at the time and absolutely never made a statement implicating her cousins. Though the theory involving the Boones was a popular one, it would have been irresponsible for Unsolved Mysteries to fuel the flame of dead ends and inaccurate reporting. The focus needed to be on identifiable and testable facts, particularly given the show’s commitment to actually solving cases.

There were many mysteries in the Alonzo Brooks story, but the program did his family a service by sticking to verifiable truths. Wild rumors and speculation can often hinder police investigations, so they are discouraged by law enforcers and Unsolved Mysteries goes to extreme lengths to verify all evidence, which is why one key piece of “Stolen Kids” evidence was left out. Detectives purposefully shield details for the intent of drawing out accurate confessions from real perpetrators rather than having to weed through a series of false information. Bringing the case to the public eye was imperative in reigniting interest in the case, which led to Alonzo’s body being exhumed for further examination. Whatever the truth is, Unsolved Mysteries did its part to bring it to light.

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