Verizon’s Disney Edition GizmoWatch Has A Baby Yoda Watch Face


Verizon’s GizmoWatch offers parents a way to add tech to their children’s lives safely and securely, and now they can order one with Baby Yoda.

Verizon has launched a Disney edition GizmoWatch featuring Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars-themed watch faces, including one for The Mandalorian‘s Baby Yoda. The smartwatch itself is not new, with Verizon and Disney having simply teamed up to launch a limited edition model in time for the holidays.

Verizon first launched the GizmoWatch back in 2018 as a child-friendly smartwatch option. Shortly after the initial launch, Verizon and Disney released a Mickey Mouse anniversary version for the holidays. Earlier this year, Verizon updated the smartwatch through the release of the newer and more powerful second-generation version. Now, with the holidays once again approaching, the latest special edition expands on the options available to parents who are in the market for a smartwatch designed for kids.

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The GizmoWatch Disney Edition is due to become available to pre-order in the coming days. In the announcement, Verizon explained that the smartwatch “includes unique character experiences” from the worlds of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, with Frozen’s Elsa and The Child from The Mandalorian provided as examples. While this does include a themed watch face, it is also much more than that. According to Verizon, the characters are “fully animated” and are “woven throughout the experience” with examples including, characters reacting when the wearer interacts with the home screen, checks the weather, and when notifications arrive on the device. Starting from November 12, the GizmoWatch will be available to pre-order from Verizon for $199.99, in addition to a required $10 monthly fee.

GizmoWatch Is Designed For Both Kids & Parents

Verizon kids watch


Besides the Disney theme in play with this latest version, the GizmoWatch is specifically created to appeal to both children and parents alike. The watch is designed to appeal to younger users through its more colorful and fun look, while also providing them with the benefits of a tech product. For example, besides notifications and alerts, the GizmoWatch also includes a fitness and hopscotch tracker for step-counting during the day, and a feature that can alter the sound of a voice. From the parental perspective, the GizmoWatch can act as an additional monitoring device thanks to the built-in GPS locator, and the option for a parent to be alerted when the wearer leaves a pre-set safety zone. In addition, it also comes with a variety of other parental controls, including the ability to temporarily pause all watch activity during set times.

The GizmoWatch is a very specific product aimed at very specific users. However, it is also an area that has become more important as technology has evolved. The GizmoWatch is specifically designed to be a way for parents to slowly introduce tech products into the lives of their children, but while remaining in complete control of the experience. As a result, these types of devices can often prove particularly useful for parents who are not yet ready to provide their children with a smartphone, but want them to benefit from phone-like features. Now, with the added benefit of a Baby Yoda design as well.

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