What Happened To Chris & Bri From Listen To Your Heart?


After they said “I love you” on stage, Listen To Your Heart’s Bri and Chris continued to fall deeply in love while making beautiful music together.

Remember The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart? It ended earlier this year in May, but thanks to the pandemic, those five months between then and now feel like a lifetime. We were all taken aback with a bit of a jolt when Bri Stauss and Chris Watson recently showed up on The Bachelorette to sing to Dale and Clare. With a collective gasp, we all watched with dropped jaws and exclaimed, “That was this year?!” It certainly was.

When Bri and Chris fell for each other on LTYH, they certainly never thought their relationship would be largely carried out from a distance. But that monster we call COVID had other plans. After wrapping the show, the two were thrust into quarantine in separate states. Though they did drop their first album together on May 18, they were forced to cancel their tour plans. They finally got to see each other in person after spending 94 days apart. They reunited on International Loving Day in Malibu on June 13, with Bri taking to Instagram to exclaim, “Our story just keeps getting better Chrisss! I love you.” Chris also posted to Instagram, saying, “Love you more than I did on TV.” 

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Since June, the couple has gotten to spend more time together. On September 27, they got all cleaned up and looking nice to go to church together. On October 4, they enjoyed a socially distanced concert. While they weren’t able to go on tour together, they performed their first virtual concert on August 18. But these two aren’t just singing together, they’re also singing on their own. Independently of one another, Bri and Chris have both put out singles. Bri’s single is called “All I Want Is You” and Chris’ is “The Truth Is.” Take a look at the post below to see this couple spending some quality time together:

While Chris and Bri are making music and spending time together, they’re also taking things one day at a time. They are definitely very much still in love, but know that in these uncertain times, they don’t need to rush into anything. Even though they already share an Instagram account, they’re not in any rush to get to the altar. They both know they’re in this for the long-haul, and think of marriage as an eventual thing.

Bri had just broken off an engagement when she met Chris on The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart. After a broken engagement, falling in love, and withstanding a global pandemic, the girl has been through a lot! Thankfully, they have each other now, and they’re happy just the way they are. As Chris put it, “Once I met [Bri], I’m like, ‘All right, well, I don’t need to be with anybody else. So, we’re good. (via Bustle). Awww.

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Source: Bri’s Instagram, Bustle

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