What Is Frog Lady? The Mandalorian Season 2’s New Alien Explained


Here’s all that we know about The Mandalorian season 2 episode 2’s “Frog Lady” and her species, which is new to the Star Wars universe.

The Mandalorian season 2, episode 2’s character “Frog Lady” is from a species unfamiliar to Star Wars fans. In the latest episode of the Disney+ series, Pedro Pascal’s titular hero had to escort a female, frog-like alien and her offspring to a moon called Trask.

Through the mechanic Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris) and an alien referred to as Dr. Mandible, Mando receives a new lead on his quest to find surviving Mandalorians. Apparently, there’s an alien on Trask who has seen them. To get the information he needs, Mando has to bring this alien’s wife to Trask. Nicknamed the “Frog Lady,” the new character is carrying with her a jar full of eggs, which hold the future of her family line. Following a crash landing, Mando has to deal with a horde of alien spiders and their mother. Simultaneously, Mando has also to keep an eye on the carnivorous Baby Yoda, who has developed a taste for Frog Lady’s eggs.

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Played by Misty Rosas, Frog Lady – who actually had a brief appearance in a season 1 episode – has an important presence in episode 2 that has raised questions about her species. Thus far, she’s the first character of her kind to appear in the Star Wars franchise, so not much is known about her, outside of what was said or implied in the episode. As her name suggests, her species is closely related to frogs, as made apparent by her amphibian nature and physical appearance. She has a long, whip-like sticky tongue that she can use to quicky latch onto objects.

The Mandalorian Frog Lady


Another trait that she and her kind share with frogs is that the female’s eggs are kept in water. Once fully-grown, these creatures can be at home on either land or in the water. Frog Lady was able to survive just fine on land, but seemed rejuvenated and more relaxed during the time that she spent in a hot spring. Unsurprisingly, these creatures prefer warm climates, as Frog Lady seemed quite uncomfortable in Trask’s icy environment.

Also, it’s worth noting that Frog Lady’s people are much more mobile than they appear. While running away from the spiders, Frog Lady demonstrated the capability to move at an astonishing speed by hopping on all fours like a frog. Another interesting detail is that Frog Lady couldn’t speak the common language, or any of the other tongues that he knew. The explanation for that could be connected to the same reason for why her species hasn’t been seen yet until The Mandalorian. It could be that Frog Lady and her people for the part live on one world and don’t have much contact with outsiders. Either way, more could be revealed in the following episode of The Mandalorian, considering that the mission hasn’t been concluded yet, and Frog Lady was still in Mando’s company when the episode ended.

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