What Red Vs. Blue: Zero Is About (& What’s Changed)


Red vs. Blue: Zero is the eighteenth and newest season of the long-running series, but with some changes. Here’s what the new season is all about.

Red vs. Blue: Zero is the newest and eighteenth season in the long-running Halo-inspired web series from Rooster Teeth. Although the first episode has been released already, the new season officially starts November 9th, 2020. With a few changes both in style and tone, even some longtime fans may be wondering what the new season is all about. Here’s everything you need to know.

With the latest season of Red vs. Blue, the show takes a bigger leap away from the Halo environments and assets that inspired it. This time around, non-Halo locations and assets are all over the place. There aren’t just new skins added to old assets either. New monsters and even weapons are shown that have never been featured in a Halo game. While it’s safe to assume these probably aren’t teases for new weapons or monsters from the troubled Halo: Infinite, since they were taken from a variety of cancelled video games, it’s still nice getting glimpses of new places, enemies, and items.

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The primary focus of Red vs. Blue: Zero is between the ragtag team of Shatter Squad and a mysterious new squad headed by a leader named Zero. The enigmatic Zero wants to obtain the Ultimate Power (whatever that is) and Shatter Squad must band together to stop Zero and save the galaxy. It’s a familiar premise, but it mostly works, especially because the members of Shatter Squad are fresh and interesting characters that try to appeal to both longtime Red vs. Blue fans and newcomers to the series.

What’s Different In Red vs. Blue: Zero

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Although a new Halo TV show is supposedly in development at Showtime, Red vs. Blue is marking its eighteenth season with some major changes. While Red vs. Blue: Zero has some familiar characters, most of the cast is entirely new. Shatter Squad is led by Agent One and is made up of recruits Axel, East, Raymond, and West. Conversely, Zero’s team is made up of the overpowered Diesel and the quick Phase, who’s capable of teleportation. These new characters inject some freshness into the series, but it also makes Red vs. Blue: Zero feel a lot different.

There are still jokes, but all of that takes a backseat to action and long combat sequences. It’s a far cry from the silly antics seen in the show’s earlier seasons, and the tone feels like a slightly more adult version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in terms of tone and action. It’s a tale of good vs. bad set against a Halo backdrop that doesn’t feel all that much like Halo anymore. Outside of the armor and vehicles seen in Halo games, Red vs. Blue: Zero moves past its original inspiration and into seemingly new territory.

The central story has just enough mystery to keep viewers coming back. While the old Red vs. Blue‘s biggest draw was slapstick comedy and jokes, Red vs. Blue: Zero is more about action and storytelling. Even with these changes, fans of Halo should still enjoy the show, as the newly-formed Shatter Squad takes on Zero to save the galaxy.

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