Where to Find The Coolest Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs


Red Dead Redemption II is a massive game with tons of secrets. This guide will show players where to find the coolest Easter Eggs across the west.

The world is a big and strange place, especially in Red Dead Redemption II. While the central story of the game might often present Arthur Morgan’s life as pre-destined (just try to shoot an NPC’s toe off during a mission and witness the inevitable “Failed” screen, followed by an explanation that shooting said toe killed said NPC), outside of that epic tale of redemption, players will find a sprawling, nearly endless western simulation. There are unique environments to explore, a diverse array of characters to interact with, and plenty of mini-games. Players can spend as much time playing blackjack as they do sitting in the bathtub.

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There’s a real attention and adherence to realism in much of Red Dead Redemption II, but there’s a healthy dose of wackiness, too. Since the game’s acclaimed release in 2018, players have been scouring this cowboy world for mysteries and have found plenty to keep the myth of the west going. Instead of spending years trying to find those Easter eggs oneself, why not check out a list of some of the best? Here is where to find the most out-there oddities and Easter eggs in Red Dead Redemption II.

How to find the best Easter eggs in Red Dead Redemption II

RDR2 dead body


Alien Invasion

RDR2 Aliens location

The west might sometimes feel like a huge and desolate place, but for a little reminder that humanity isn’t alone in the universe, head to this shack due north of Emerald Ranch. Inside, Arthur Morgan will find a note advising him to come back at 2 AM during a half-moon. Do just that and have a close encounter of the third kind.

Donkey Lady

The original Red Dead Redemption had plenty of its own mysteries, but it had a few bugs, too. One surprisingly entertaining glitch was the notorious Donkey Lady–an NPC that came with the head and AI of a donkey, but the body of a woman. While the Donkey Lady doesn’t appear as a rideable mount this time around, her skeleton can be found in the New Austin area of Red Dead Redemption II, as seen above.

The Strange Man

RDR2 Strange Man's cabin

In the first game, there was an excellent side mission with the Strange Man–a mysterious figure who may or may not be death incarnate. He doesn’t appear explicitly in the flesh in Red Dead Redemption II, but his cabin can be found here in Lemoyne. Later in the game, after heading into the epilogue, players will find even more evidence of the Strange Man by returning to this cabin.

The Lady in the Outhouse

RDR2 lady in the outhouse

In case anyone needed more evidence that the Braithwaite’s are a family chock full of scumbags, head to this outhouse at the edge of their property and find another example of their abominable ways.

Ghost Train

RDR2 ghost train location

It’s not just people that linger long after they should–trains can, too! Head to this bend in the train tracks around Lemoyne after 3AM and find the apparition of a steam engine still chugging along. Simply ride up and down the train tracks after the hour strikes and the ghostly vehicle should appear.

Big Foot Bones

RDR2 Big Foot Skeleton

Rumors of Big Foot roaming around various Rockstar Games have been around for time immemorial. While Sasquatch itself doesn’t exactly appear in Red Dead Redemption II, its bones can be found north of Strawberry on the southeastern slopes of Mount Shann.

Night Folk

Ghost Trains and Big Foot will be the least of Arthur’s troubles after he finds these zombies. Head to Bluewater Marsh in Lemoyne after 2AM. At around this point in time, a woman lying on the ground should appear. After talking to her (and fending off her knife attack), a whole horde of southern good ole boys will come storming in to kill Arthur. Fight them off and relish in what could have been with an Undead Nightmare sequel.

Meteor House

Sometimes the universe reveals things of great beauty, whether one is looking for it or not. Other times, all that is to be found is horror. Head to the Meteor House and find out what happens when one gets too comfy sitting around at home.

Old Tomb

Death is everywhere in the old west, whether it’s the death of a lawless way of life or that of a couple who’d just been sitting in their home before getting hit by a meteorite. The Old Tomb is a fascinating reminder of the only thing people can count on. Finding this spot just north of Beaver Hollow isn’t just a cool locale, though; here players will also find a nifty Viking hatchet. Get a hold of this weapon and let Arthur get in on the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla hype as well.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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