Angela Rummans Contacts FBI For Hacked Twitter Account


Big Brother 20 star Angela Rummans had her Twitter hacked a week ago. She has now filed a formal complaint with the FBI to retrieve the account.

Big Brother 20 star Angela Rummans had her Twitter hacked a week ago, and she has now filed a formal complaint with the FBI to retrieve the account. 2020 has been full of accomplishments for BB20 stars Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen. Angela released her first cookbook, Angela’s Plant-Based Kitchen, which features over a hundred vegan recipes. Tyler got to come back on the show and compete on Big Brother 22: All-Stars, placing 6th overall. Before the COVID-19 pandemic reached its current state, the couple also got to travel around the world to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Tyler’s birthday.

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On the other hand, this year has also featured a few obstacles for the Big Brother 20 showmance known as Tangela. For one, it wasn’t exactly easy for Angela while Tyler was in the Big Brother: All-Stars house. She started out doing a YouTube series where she would share her thoughts regarding Tyler’s journey on the show. But when some fans started sending her a lot of negative messages based on things that Tyler did in the game, it quickly became a little too intense for Angela to handle. Last week, Angela had yet another issue to deal with: someone hacked into her Twitter account, locking Angela completely out.

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On a few different occasions now, Angela Rummans has taken to Instagram to warn her fans that they should not click on any link posted by the hacked Twitter account. She has also complained about the social network’s customer service team, which apparently hasn’t been very responsive to her emails. Unfortunately, Angela’s hacked Twitter saga is still going on, and she is now resorting to filing a formal complaint with the FBI. In an Instagram Story shared on Monday, November 11, Angela asked her fans to unfollow her account on Twitter. She added, “It’s been hacked for days and I will be deactivating as soon as it gets restored.” At the bottom of the post, Angela also said the following: “FBI working on IP address tracking now.”


When Angela was getting hate messages for things that happened on Big Brother 22, she also resorted to filing a formal complaint with the FBI. It isn’t clear if anything was resolved or uncovered from that open investigation, but it’s safe to say that having your verified Twitter account hacked by someone for over a week is definitely extremely concerning, particularly when you’re a social media influencer with fans that could click on malicious links thinking that it was your post.

It’s unfortunate that certain Big Brother houseguests have to deal with drama of this kind on social media. One can hope that this hacker will give up and that Angela will be able to retrieve her account.

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Sources: Angela Rummans’ Instagram

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