Candace Cameron Bure Still Wants To Do Fuller House Season 6


Fuller House star Candace Cameron-Bure says she and the whole cast are still interested in doing a sixth season of the Full House spin-off show.

Candace Cameron-Bure and the rest of the cast of Fuller House are still hoping that they can do a sixth season. The Netflix sequel spin-off capped off its five-year run in May 2020. While the ending was mostly satisfying, there’s still clamor to see more of the extended Tanner clan, especially after its season six plans were made public.

Not long after Fuller House wrapped up its run, Cameron-Bure, who also served as a producer for the show shared that the cast and crew were expecting a sixth season order from Netflix. From there, they were set to properly end the spin-off with the extra year, allowing them to focus on the kids with DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy all married and living in the same house. In fact, they apparently intentionally underutilized Stephanie’s new baby, Danielle, in season 5, wanting to more prominently feature her in season 6 instead.

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There are currently no plans to move forward with Fuller House past the ending it had, but Cameron-Bure is holding out hope that they’ll be given another chance to continue the series. In a new interview with US Weekly, the actress revealed that she still gets questions about the Full House spin-off’s potential season 6 — something she and her co-stars would be more than game to do.

We would absolutely love it if we could because I think there are so many fun stories to tell with the Fuller House gang. The fifth season premiered this year. So, people are still watching the show that aren’t caught up on Netflix. I still receive daily messages five months later that they’re like, ‘What’s happening with season 6?’

There’s just so much more there. So, who knows? We can only, you know, cross our fingers and hope that the people who control it would allow us to do it.”

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At the end of Fuller House, the whole gang decided to still live together in the Tanner family home after Kimmy and Stephanie initially wanted to move out with their respective families. On top of that, it’s also revealed that Stephanie is pregnant, which means that Danielle will soon be a big sister. With all adult cast members finally sorting out their love lives, the potential Fuller House season 6 can finally focus on the kids just like how Full House did and frankly, the reason why it became such a massive hit. While the Netflix spin-off introduced a string of young characters, they’re barely the center of the narrative, unlike their predecessors, which was a massive disappointment.

So, what are the chances that Fuller House season 6 actually happens? It’s difficult to say for now, considering that Netflix has a stacked roster of original shows both already-running and new ones. Given this, there has to be a strong argument about why the offshoot should be revived and given at least another year. It’s unclear if there’s an actual push from the people involved for this scenario to happen, but if the cast is interested and there’s enough clamor for it from the public, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the streaming giant reconsiders their verdict.

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Source: US Weekly

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