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Clare Crawley’s choice Dale Moss posts plenty of photos on his Instagram feed, including modeling and workout pics. See the best pics here.

Dale Moss from The Bachelorette season 16 has captured Clare Crawley’s heart and America’s attention, thanks to his charm and good looks. His Instagram account only emphasizes his many impressive qualities. From episode one, fans wondered whether Dale Moss was just too good to be true. Some are surprised he fell in love with Clare in such a short amount of time. A South Dakota native, Dale is a former NFL athlete who hopes to model his career after Ryan Seacrest’s.

Since his time on the field ended, Dale Moss has been hosting sports and entertainment events, producing live events (as well as a documentary through his own media company), and modeling. He is currently represented by Wilhelmina International, a world-renowned modeling agency. In addition to being hard-working with high career aspirations, Dale is caring. He comforted Clare after she was confronted by villain Yosef Aborady. He also took the initiative to get the most time with Clare on multiple occasions.

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His Dale Moss Instagram only accentuates these appealing qualities and features a mixture of modeling photos, workout pictures, and shots with family and friends. Of course, they’re all amazing. How can they not be? It’s Dale. He’s got those incredibly bright blue-green eyes, a great smile, and a body full of muscles. It’s no surprise Clare zeroed in on him from day one, whether she was talking to him before The Bachelorette started production or not. Check out a shot of Dale in bed below:

The pic below shows Dale in his car, smiling for a selfie. This is the type of pic that fans of The Bachelorette love. He chose the hashtag, #goodvibesonly.

In the photo below, Dale describes himself as “unapologetically me.” He’s overcome a lot of obstacles to achieve the success he has now.

In another awesome Instagram post (as seen below), he poses shirtless, for a now-iconic shot that makes fans understand why Clare fell head over heels.

Dale also proved he’s not afraid to laugh at himself on Insta. After Bachelor Nation found Dale’s old Party City modeling images, where he dressed as Superman, a taco, and more, The Bachelorette reality star decided to make his own joke. He posted a “How it started vs. how it’s going” meme with two images of him in the Superman costume, side by side. The caption read: “Dale with it.” See that post below:

Dale’s Insta feed is also heavy on family pics, which show where his values are. Recently, he posted a tribute to his mom, who passed away. He captioned the image of her standing by the ocean (as seen below) with, “I am who I am because of the powerful women who have shaped my life. Till my last breath you are always protected and will always be respected.” Other photos feature his sisters and father.

Of course, the former football player shares tons of workout pics and videos as well, showing off the work he puts in at the gym. See a video of him in the gym below.

After scrolling through Dale’s Instagram, every The Bachelorette fan is sure to understand why Clare said yes when he popped the question.

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Source: Dale Moss/Instagram

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