Here’s How PS4 Saved A Kidnapped Student In Japan


A kidnapped girl in Japan has been rescued by local authorities after using her captor’s PS4 to communicate her location, which may be a gaming first.

In an incredible sequence of events, a kidnapped girl in Japan was rescued by local authorities after using her captor’s PlayStation 4 to communicate her location. The young girl was missing for one month., and emergency services were able to discovered her location via the PS4’s communications functions.

The girl first met her eventual captor online through social media. They continued chatting until the girl decided to travel from her home in Saitama, located to the North of central Toyko, to visit the 44-year-old in Yokohoma. When they both arrived at the man’s home, he immediately took her phone and reportedly tied her to a pipe. There was no clear sign of her whereabouts when the young girl’s parents reported her missing, and the search continued for about a month.

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According to Push Square, the girl used the PS4 to send and receive emails by tapping into the communications functions of the marquee system, which is exactly what she did to alert the authorities to her location. The authorities then identified the apartment of her captor, a company manager in Yokohama, through the emails the girl sent them. The young high school student managed to send police her location when the man left her in the apartment alone by using the system’s built-in web browser. Sony has incorporated this feature in most of its gaming consoles, and its absence on the PS5 seems pronounced in light of this harrowing tale. Saitama police subsequently confirmed that the girl was unscathed despite spending a month inside of the apartment.

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It is almost unbelievable that a gaming system could be so helpful during a genuine time of crisis. As the PlayStation 5 release date rapidly approaches, this story of survival could very well give Sony’s PlayStation advertising division a big boost in Japan and abroad. Of course, one can hope that a gaming system will never have to be used like this in the future. However, it’s no doubt reassuring to owners  to know that past PlayStations give them an alternative form of communication that can be utilized during dangerous situations and circumstances, especially considering how hugely popular the console line is in Japan.

While players are very familiar with the multifaceted capabilities the soon-to-be-obsolete PlayStation 4 offers, it’s unlikely that many ever imagined that it could be used to save someone’s life. This is a timely reminder that gaming systems can do much more than simply help people fend off unwanted boredom.

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Source: Push Square

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