Sony Answers All Of Your Burning Questions Just Ahead Of Launch


With only three days to go until the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony’s new FAQ aims to answer all of its fans’ lingering next-gen questions.

With only three days to go until the PlayStation 5 officially launches, Sony has taken the time to answer players’ burning questions about the console. In an in-depth blog post, the gaming giant has taken it upon itself to cover as much unknown ground for its fans ahead of the PS5 release this Thursday.

After months of sales incentives, legal disputes, trailer releases, and reshuffles thanks to COVID-19, the launch of the PlayStation 5 is finally in sight. While consoles will be nearly impossible to find on launch day, those with pre-orders will soon be able to get their hands on the tall gaming platform and give it a whirl themselves.

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In anticipation of its release, Sony has posted a slew of Q&As for the PlayStation 5 on its blog. Covering everything from the console hardware, the DualSense controller, and upcoming game releases to Blu-ray discs and compatible accessories, there is no stone left unturned in this tome of information. While a lot of the questions may seem fairly obvious, some are unexpected and insightful, with Sony answering questions that players might want answered prior to owning a PlayStation 5. The list that has been compiled has been developed with full anticipation of player’s gaming experiences, both in the broader and in the more specific terms. If there’s a PS5 question that needs answered, it likely makes the cut on Sony’s exhaustive list.


While this list is as long as the sea is deep, Sony has not ruled out adding more to it over time. The blog page will remain open in the future and will be updated as more questions get asked, something that is more than likely to happen. As with any new release, teething problems can often occur when users are unfamiliar with a product. Sony simply asks that gamers submit their questions in the comments section below the blog page – something that many have already started to do, even before the launch of the PS5.

With one gaming generation coming to an end, and the next generation just a few days away, there is a high sense of anticipation amongst fans. This vast list should be a very reassuring sign for those who are immanently going to be collecting their PlayStation 5 this Thursday. Sony sincerely seem intent on ensuring that they have their fanbase’s interests at the forefront of its next-gen console release.

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The PlayStation 5 launches on November 12.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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