The Office: 10 Things We Forgot About Erin Hannon


Erin Hannon was a later arrival at Dunder Mifflin, but she made a huge impression. Still, there are things about her that fans just plain forgot.

Erin Hannon was Dunder Mifflin’s lovable receptionist who got her start in season five. Erin had a similar personality to Michael and Kevin’s and was completely unassuming and bubbly. She saw the good in everyone and was that little piece of optimism the office needed at times.

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Erin’s character was so beloved that she lasted as Dunder Mifflin’s receptionist until the series finale. Her relationships with Gabe and Andy were a highlight for Erin’s time on The Office but there was a depth to the character that was often overlooked.

10 Erin Isn’t Her Real Name

erin hannons name - the office


When Erin is first hired, Charles Minor is the interim regional manager while he tried to fill the position. Charles had a strong presence in the office and was disliked by many of the male employees but loved by the female employees. Kelly Kapoor, especially, was putting the moves on Charles but he wasn’t interested.

Every time he mentioned the name Kelly, she would dart into his office and say “Yes, Charles, you wanted me?” But he was actually talking to Kelly Hannon… As it turns out the new receptionist was also named Kelly but she preferred to be called Erin. From then on, she was called Erin and her real name was forgotten.

9 She Had A Sick Childhood

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Fans know that Erin had a hard childhood because she was placed in the foster care system. She, sadly, was never adopted and aged out of the system at 18. Erin mentions her life in foster care a few times throughout the series and it didn’t sound easy. She said she would fight kids for food and attention but what made things harder for Erin was her health.

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In a talking head, Erin noted that she was sick and stayed in the hospital from ages three to six and. To further that traumatic time in life, Erin noted in a deleted scene from Jim and Pam’s wedding that she was born prematurely and didn’t eat solid foods until she was six years old.

8 She Has A Foster Brother

erins brother reed - the office

Erin hardly mentioned her foster brother, Reed. The only time fans saw him was in the episode “St. Patrick’s Day.” In the episode, Andy and Erin are finally ready for their first date but Erin comes down with a bad sickness and has to cancel. Andy decided to stop by her house to check on her, which is when he met Erin’s foster brother, Reed.

Reed and Erin were very close — they looked as if they were in a relationship. According to Erin, they lived in the same house from ages 10 to 12 and 15 to 18. Not much more is known about Reed but he most likely had a crush on her.

7 She Has Pam To Thank For Her Job

Erin became such a natural part of the show that many people forget why she was hired. Once Michael quits and forms his own company, Pam felt inspired and quit her job to join him. That meant Dunder Mifflin Scranton was now out of a regional manager and a receptionist.

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Charles made Kevin the receptionist for the time being but he was a disaster. Charles ended up hiring a new receptionist to take Pam and Kevin’s place, which happened to be sweet Erin. Without Pam’s daring decision to quit, fans would have never met Erin.

6 Dwight Used To Have A Crush On Her

It’s hard to imagine Dwight with anyone other than Angela. The two are so oddly good together. However, when he was a single man, he had a crush on Erin!

He started flirting with her in the kitchen but after realizing that Andy was also flirting with her, the two men had a discussion over who would woo the new girl. Andy ended up winning, which was the right call. Dwight and Erin would have never worked out. Erin needed someone goofy and light-hearted. Dwight is none of those things.

5 She Used To Work At Taco Bell Express

“Secretary’s Day” was a big episode for Erin. She and Andy were now dating and she was finally comfortable with her co-workers and duties. Andy tried making Erin feel special on National Secretary’s Day, so he created an entire day dedicated to her. He encouraged Michael to take Erin out to lunch where the two got to know each other more.

Erin told Michael that before coming to Dunder Mifflin, she worked at a Taco Bell Express. But after the express Taco Bell turned into a fully-functioned Taco Bell, she couldn’t keep up and left the job.

4 She Wanted To Be An Accountant

The Office Erin and kevin

Erin is perfectly capable of being a receptionist and helping her co-workers with tasks around the office. She does it well enough that any other position didn’t seem right for her.

Erin wouldn’t be a great fit as a saleswoman or an accountant but in “Secretary’s Day,” she told Michael her dream was to be an accountant. She said she was bad at math but it was her dream. Michael couldn’t judge her too hard because he’s the one who hired Kevin as an accountant and he couldn’t count numbers unless it included pie.

3 Was This The First Time Erin Drank?

erin hannon drinking on christmas - the office

In the episode “Christmas Wishes,” Andy is the regional manager and wanted to make everyone’s wishes come true for the holiday season. He and Erin were no longer dating and he was in a serious relationship with a woman named Jessica. Erin loved Andy’s friendship but went on a downward spiral after she met Jessica.

Erin approached the bar hesitantly and asked for a “cola.” Robert California, however, got her to admit that she was looking for something a little stronger and gave her a shot. Erin was confused and a little nervous about drinking but did it anyway. She ended up getting wasted and causing a stir with Andy, but her outburst had fans wondering: was this the first time Erin drank alcohol?

2 Michael Didn’t Always Like Her

michael and erin on secretarys day - the office

When Michael came back to Dunder Mifflin after his stint with The Michael Scott Paper Company, he had to get used to his new receptionist and partner-in-crime, Erin. For years, he was used to Pam as his secretary but he now had to get used to Erin.

Erin adored Micahel from the start and looked at Michael as a father-figure. Michael, on the other hand, had to be convinced by Andy that Erin was a nice girl and deserved a chance. He warmed up to her on Secretary’s Day but it wasn’t until the Glee party at Gabe’s that Michael realized how much Erin needed him.

1 Erin & Kelly Have A Girl Group

erin and kelly singing - the office

It was never shown in the actual series but in The Office’s web series, fans got to see a completely different side to Erin and Kelly’s friendship.

They became so close that they created a girl group and filmed music videos around the office park. In some songs, they even have Andy and Ryan join them!

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