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The new Mac mini is one of the few computers powered by the new M1 chip. Here’s when Apple’s Mac mini goes on sale, and the various pricing options.

The new Mac mini is one of the first Mac devices to come powered by the company’s new Apple Silicon. The new M1 chip is said to come with a number of benefits and optimizations to improve the Mac experience, and the Mac mini looks to offer all of those same benefits, but in a much smaller package. Here’s when interested consumers can order the M1-powered Mac mini and how much they can expect to pay.

Apple has been teasing the launch of its new M1 chip for some time now, although the name itself was only confirmed during the company’s November Mac event, with the new processor line simply referred to as Apple Silicon up until now. Regardless of the name, Apple’s dedicated Mac chip is now confirmed to be heading to market in three different products. Along with the Mac mini, the M1 chip will be available in updated versions of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

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In addition to announcing the new M1 chip and the Mac devices it will first be available in, Apple also confirmed pricing and availability for all three models. In terms of the Mac mini specifically, this is the cheapest option to buy an M1-powered Mac computer. The Mac mini is priced at just $699 in the United States, with Education buyers able to pick one up slightly cheaper, at $679. Technically, Apple is already accepting orders for the new Mac mini, although buyers should not expect to receive theirs until next week, with the smallest new Mac scheduled to go on general sale starting November 17.

The Small, But Powerful Mac mini

M1 Mac mini


The big thing with the new Mac mini is actually the size. Although this is a physically small unit, it still comes with the same Apple M1 system on a chip as the MacBook Air and Pro, boasting the exact same three-times faster CPU performance and up to six-times faster graphics processing. What’s more, the 7.7-inch-square design makes the mini a more versatile device that can be used with an existing display or switched between setups as and when needed. For those in need of an on-device storage boost, Apple is also selling the Mac mini with up to 2TB storage (instead of the base 256GB), although the increase in space also results in the price rising by as much as an additional $800. Alternatively, the RAM can also be boosted from the default 8GB up to 16GB, adding another $200 to the overall cost. For reference, the 16GB RAM and 2TB storage customizations come to a total of $1,699.

Whether the Mac mini is the right M1-powered Mac for an individual will likely depend on what they expect from their Mac. While this appears to be a powerful new device, it is lacking an attached display and therefore will require additional hardware. For those more keen on buying a single device that can be used anywhere, the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are likely to be better Apple Silicon buys.

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