Why Big Ed’s Mom Is Dying His Hair In Front Of His Fans


It seems like Big Ed is now trying to establish himself as a beauty influencer, and that’s why he’s asked his mom to dye his hair on Instagram.

The former 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Big Ed has recently posted a picture on his Instagram of his mother dying his hair. While most of his fans are leaving sweet comments for his mom and calling him “sexy,” others are wondering why he would share that kind of personal picture on his social media. 

Many viewers first got to meet Ed in 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days season 4. At the time, he almost immediately became many fans favorite, all thanks to his bizarre antics. While introducing himself, he told the viewers that he’s a San Diego native in love with the Philippines based Rosemarie Vega, 31 years younger than him. He revealed that his height is 4-foot-11, but told Rose that he is 5-foot-2. Ed made another startling revelation about how he is trying to look young for his 23-year-old now ex-girlfriend. He shared an unconventional beauty hack and said that he has been dying his hair, but it irritates his scalp. So, he tries to get rid of the dryness by applying a jar of mayonnaise. He also admitted that he feels “self-conscious” about his physical appearance. But not anymore!

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He recently shared a picture on his Instagram with his 453K followers in which his mom is applying dye on his white strands. While most of the popular reality stars would avoid posting such personal grooming pictures on their social media, Ed has shared not one but two photos – a before and after. He doesn’t look uncomfortable flaunting his white strands in the first picture and confidently poses in the second one. The former TLC star captioned the post as, “Mom totally dyed my egg..!” Check out the Instagram post  below:

Most of his followers are leaving lovely comments for his mom, saying things like, “Your mom is so sweet.” But, others are wondering why he would share this with his fans. Well, Ed is very close to his mom, and she recently had surgery. He has been taking care of her, and perhaps, that’s why he put this picture as a sweet memory. Instead of a boring selfie with his mother, he got creative and captured this motherly moment. Plus, he has been posting pictures with young, hot, Asian girls for a while now, so he might have thought to deviate from that content. 

Moreover, it’s possible that the 54-year-old photographer is planning to be a beauty influencer now. If he posted some haircare content on his IG grid, it might attract a grooming brand, who would eventually hire him to promote their product. Earlier, many 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days fans were intrigued to know more about Ed’s mayonnaise’s beauty hack. 

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