Xbox Series X Launch Trailer Is a Light Show Celebrating Xbox History


To celebrate the launch of the Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft has released a colorful light show trailer that pays tribute to the Xbox’s long history.

Microsoft is officially celebrating the launch of the Xbox Series X/S with a blog post and a dazzlingly colorful launch trailer, which is a mix of real-world light show and well-made special effects tribute to the console line’s history. The new Microsoft consoles are the first next-generation consoles to release, with Sony’s PlayStation 5 set to release later this week. The Xbox Series S is a more modestly priced but less powerful console, while the Xbox Series X is a higher priced but much more powerful piece of next-gen hardware.

As the first next-generation consoles to hit the market, the launch of the Xbox Series X/S is hotly anticipated by many gamers. GameStop revealed it has very limited stock of the consoles in stock, demonstrating how high the demand is for Microsoft’s new machine. The consoles will be available through GameStop both online and in-store, which will no doubt lead to a large influx of business as fans try to obtain their next-gen console. Walmart is also running a launch day sale for the Xbox Series X/S, though it will be exclusively online.

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To celebrate the launch of the Xbox Series X Microsoft has released a launch trailer, titled Dreams Within, that takes the form of an exciting light show. The trailer starts out with a huge black box, not dissimilar for the design of the next-gen console itself, which is then used to project a colorful presentation. The light show traces the history of Microsoft’s consoles, from the original Xbox all the way to last generation’s Xbox One. It then draws attention to several of the console’s advanced features while representing some of the Xbox Series X’s launch titles such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Gears Tactics. A blog post on Xbox Wire, titled Power Your Dreams, also celebrates the release of Microsoft’s newest consoles. The post emphasizes the differences between the Xbox Series S and Series X, emphasizing the Series S’ sleep design and the Series X’s powerful performance.

The Xbox Series X/S will boast an impressive collection of games, including a huge catalog of backwards compatible titles. The Series X will utilize auto-HDR to improve the graphics and performance of older games, allowing them to take full advantage of next-gen hardware. Another exciting feature available on the Series X/S is remote play, which will allow gamers to play any Xbox game right on their smart phone. Microsoft will be selling clips to connect an Xbox controller to a phone, allowing for a comfortable on-the-go gaming experience.

The Xbox Series X/S is the first next-gen console to hit the market, and Microsoft seems to be looking to the past while marching towards the future. The Dreams Within launch trailer pays tribute to the Xbox’s long history within the gaming industry, demonstrating how far the brand has come in a short period of time. It is an artistic and understated trailer, which helps to ring in the coming of a new console giant.

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The Xbox Series X/S is available now.

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