10 Big Brother Players That Would Be Perfect For The Show


Netflix’s The Circle is a reality TV-series based on the world of social media. The inaugural 12-episode season of the series follows a group of total strangers who remain isolated in their own apartments and compete to stay in the game based on the strength of their social media profiles. The more influential they become on “The Circle” social media platform, the bigger their chances are of winning.

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The Circle has drawn comparisons to other competition-based reality TV programs such as Big Brother, The Real World, Catfish, and others. Here are some Big Brother players that would

10 Cody Califiore

Cody Califiore


Considering Cody Califiore is the most recent and deserving Big Brother winner of all, he should have the easiest time making an immediate transition to the competitive The Circle. Califiore dominated the final vote count by winning Big Brother All-Stars (Season 22) 9-0 over Enzo Palumbo.

Moreover, since much of The Circle depends on social media savvy, the 29-year-old Califiore has a prominent presence on Twitter and Instagram. As such, he could easily channel his technological skills to engineer a victory on The Circle.

9 Nadia Almada

Nadia Almada

As the first transgender contestant on Big Brother, Nadia Almada would navigate whatever obstacles The Circle presents to her en route to mounting a victory campaign. Nadia not only won Season 5 of the series, but she also endured the longest stint inside the house at the time (71 days).

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Given her endurance, Nadia could patiently devise a plan to win The Circle. She has a winning attitude, a hilarious sense of humor, infectious passion, and isn’t afraid of speaking her mind.

8 Mike “Boogie” Malin

Mike Malin

Although Mike “Boogie” Malin has been considered one of the more unlikable Big Brother contestants, his wily methods and sheer experience on the show would likely lead to success on The Circle.

Boogie has competed on Big Brother three times to date. He first appeared in Season 2, becoming the first Head of the Household. Malin went on to win Season 7 of the competition before appearing in Big Brother 14. Boogie’s skill and expertise in knowing how to game the system and emerge victoriously would serve him well on a show like The Circle.

7 Josie Gibson

Josie Gibson

Although Josie Gibson did not fare so well as a contestant on her two short stints on Big Brother UK, she still managed to parlay her celebrity into a major social media standing. As such, she’d be a perfect fit as an influencer on The Circle.

Despite garnering five conviction votes on Big Brother 11, Gibson never faced a vote from the public. Gibson also channeled her likable nature into several high-profile TV appearances after her elimination for Ultimate Big Brother, including stints on Loose Women and This Morning.

6 Dan Gheesling

Dan Gheesling

Big Brother fans know full well that Dan Gheesling is one of the sneakiest tricksters the entire series has ever seen. In addition to winning Big Brother 10, Dan was named runner up in Big Brother 14.

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Mot impressive, Dan was the first contestant in the history of the show to play a perfect game and win a unanimous (7-0) vote. His first and second-place finishes speak for themselves. With that level of congeniality and popularity, Dan could easily manipulate whatever social media necessary to become victorious.

5 Kate Lawler

In addition to being the very first female victor in the history of Big Brother, Kate Lawler has parlayed her popularity into a major online and social media standing. The model, TV host, DJ, and reality personality also has a twin sister that might come in handy if forced to join The Circle.

Since winning Big Brother 3 (UK) in 2002, Lawler has appeared on several TV shows and online programs, including her third-place finish o Celebrity Wipeout in 2010. As of 2019, Lawler has been hosting a radio program Drivetime on Virgin Radio.

4 Derek Levasseur

Derrick Levasseur

Derek Levasseur demonstrated his deft skills in navigating the house by winning Big Brother 16. He is a strong personality, who looks to lead, and he could bring these features onto The Circle.

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In addition to winning the $500,000 grand prize, Derek was able to cooperate enough to win an additional $75,000 through the Team America prize. Derek can currently be seen on the TV series Breaking Homicide, which he also produced.

3 Jordan Lloyd

Jordan Lloyd

Another contestant that would fit perfectly in The Circle is Jordan Lloyd, winner of Big Brother 11. Lloyd entered the house as part of the Popular Clique that would surely bode well when it comes to social media trends.

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After winning Season 11, Lloyd rejoined the house in Big Brother 13. After losing her partner Jeff in the first half of the season, she rallied to make it as far as the third runner up. Moreover, Jordan was clever enough to give her Jury vote to her friend Rachel, who went on to win the competition.

2 Dr. Will Kirby

Will Kirby

As arguably the most successful Big Brother contestant of all time, it only makes sense that Dr. Will Kirby tries his manipulative hand on The Circle. Here’s a guy who faced the brink of elimination no less than four times before ultimately winning Big Brother 2.

Kirby returned to the house for Big Brother 7 (aka All-Stars), conniving his way to the final four despite a giant target on his back as a previous winner. Kirby’s preternatural understanding of the game, his charming ruse, and the ability to outwit his opponents make him one of the most formidable Big Brother contestants of all.

1 Rachel Reilly

Rachel Reilly

After creating a dramatic hailstorm during Season 12, Rachel Reilly returned the following season to win Big Brother 13. The contentious North Carolina actress and talk show host would be absolutely perfect for competing on Netflix’s The Circle.

Reilly not only faced eviction five times before winning season 13, but she’s also become a mainstay on the show. Reilly has briefly appeared on Big Brother 14, 15, 16, and 20, as well as Big Brother Canada 2. Combine her competitive feats with her social media footprint and off to The Circle Rachel goes.

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