10 Pieces Of ‘Baby Yoda’ Fan Art That Will Get You Excited For Season 2


The Mandalorian is one of the best canon entries to the Star Wars universe, and part of this is due to Baby Yoda. Here is some fan art of the child.

The Mandalorian is without a doubt one of the best canon entries to the Star Wars universe. Created by Jon Favreau for Disney+, the television show is the first of its kind; a live-action Star Wars series, something fans of the Star Wars universe have been dying to see.

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The story follows the adventures of the Mandalorian aka Mando, or Din Djarin, a lone bounty hunter, who along his bounties is hired to retrieve “The Child”, an infant, affectionately known to the world as Baby Yoda. The show returned for its highly-anticipated second season on October 30, so let’s take a look at some of the cutest Baby Yoda fan art from the web.

10 The Child By Ryan Smallman


Ryan Smallman is a digital illustrator and comic book artist based in São Paulo, Brasil, originally hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Smallman’s piece is a colorful rendition of the “womp rat” which he claims was illustrated by his love of the character. It conveys the internal conflicts faced by Mando, and how both characters have their respective capsules, Mando with his helmet and The Child’s pram.

9 It’s Ramen Time By Andrew Kwan

Who could forget those cute as heck moments when Baby Yoda displayed his affection for all things edible? Whether it was bone broth or live alien frogs, The Child was not shy when it came to mealtimes. Andrew Kwan playfully captures the nostalgia behind those “aaah” moments with his Japanese-manga inspired piece of fan art.

8 Mandolorian and The Child by Borja Burgueño Moreno

The iconic duo, Mando and Baby Yoda in pencil drawn technicolor by Borja Burgueño Moreno, a colored pencils, pop-culture artist hailing from Madrid, Spain. Moreno is clearly a geek of the highest caliber.

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His other works include The Avengers, Dragonball Z, Spawn, The Joker, as well other Star Wars legends; R2D2 and Darth Vader. His hyper-realistic rendition of the Star Wars franchise’s beloved new-duo was completed on mixed media toned gray paper with Prismacolor, arteza, polychromos and luminance pencils.

7 Baby Yoda Riding A Corgi Chasing BB-8 Through Tattoine

Fan art at its finest here, Kellie Delaney, a painter from Orlando, shows her love for all things Star Wars, and Corgis in her three-tiered artwork. It’s straight out of a nerdy dream, with the corgi being a strange yet humorous addition to the already cute visage. Who doesn’t love a great piece of fan art featuring Baby Yoda riding a corgi through the sandy streets of Tattoine?

6 The Mandalorian Odyssey By Dominic Glover

Dominic’s Glover’s fan art love letter to The Mandalorian is a powerful, epic, and wondrous piece of art to behold. It features Mando cradling the child and his trusty rifle atop a monstrous Mythosaur while trampling on some unfortunate stormtroopers. Enough said.

5 Venom Child By MJ.Hiblen ART

Another stellar mashup, imagine if Baby Yoda had a symbiote? MJ Hiblen imagined it and did so incredibly well while retaining The Child’s innocence and at the same time adding in the gruesome and fascinating look and feel of the Venom symbiote as it bonds with Baby Yoda.

4 Baby Yoda Tattoo By Rachel Williams

Fan art takes all forms and mediums so it’s fitting that the list includes one tattoo entry. Rachel Williams is a tattoo artist from Littleton, Colorado who has an affinity for all things comics, anime, and Star Wars.

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Her style features incredible linework and full-spectrum color. She perfectly captures the sweet sadness of Baby Yoda’s eyes in her skinbound artwork.

3 “Protect” By Chloe S Drawing

Chloe’s S’s inktober entry for the 15th October is a stellar ink on paper portrait of everyone’s favorite droid from The Mandalorian, IG-11. Taika Waititi’s performance was lauded by critics and fans alike, especially upon the droid’s reprogramming to protect The Child, instead of, well, eliminating him. Chloe’s piece features incredible ink linework and detail and she captures Baby Yoda’s sense of wonder perfectly.

2 Ahsoka and The Child by Eli Hyder

The internet was abuzz with hype when it was announced that Star Wars Clone Wars fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano would be making an appearance in season 2 of The Mandalorian. Eli’s artwork is tongue in cheek at its best, as the artist is clearly more of an Ahsoka fan than that of a Mando fan.

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Whichever way Ahsoka is introduced in season 2, it will be mindblowing and here’s hoping she forms a Jedi/Padawan bond with little Baby Yoda.

1 A New Hope By Abhitendra

“A New Hope” is illustrator, Abhitendra’s ode to Star Wars, The Mandalorian, and of course everyone’s beloved Baby Yoda.  The artist’s name for his artwork is a clear play on words relating to what many believe to be A New Hope for the Star Wars canon. When the show was announced many a fan was skeptical about whether Favreau could make an addition to the Star Wars universe which truly lives up to the original trilogy while finding new ways to inspire awe. The director who also gave us Iron Man and the start of the MCU back in 2008, has captured the love of old and new audience members alike, and Abhitendra shares this sentiment in the copy of his Instagram post featuring The Child.

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