5 Best Moments As Iceman In X-Men (& 5 As Lamplighter In The Boys)


Shawn Ashmore may have spent more time as Iceman than Lamplighter, but bother superhero roles have had their great moments.

There are few actors who have gotten to play two superheroes in their careers. Some notable ones include Chris Evans (Human Torch and Captain America) and Ben Affleck (Daredevil and Batman). Less popular (but maybe more interesting) is Shawn Ashmore who played the cold mutant, Iceman, and the fiery ex-member of The Seven, Lamplighter.

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Shawn Ashmore got his start in the popular series, Animorphs, based on the science-fantasy book series where he played Jake Berenson, the leader of the Animorphs. His career led him to be in 5 of the 13 X-Men films as well as a slew of TV series, including season 2 of Amazon’s The Boys. Ashmore’s performance is both hot and cold leading him to successfully portray these two superhero opposites.

10 Iceman: Dating Rogue


Bobby Drake, a.k.a. Iceman, is introduced in the first X-Men movie as a classmate and romantic interest to Rogue. Their first interaction is in class, when fellow student, Pyro, creates a fireball to impress Rogue. Bobby freezes the sphere and gets Pyro in trouble with Storm. He welcomes Rogue to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters by presenting her with a rose made from ice. Bobby and Rogue’s relationship is further explored throughout the movie franchise.

9 Lamplighter: Founding Member Of The Seven

Shawn Ashmore as Lamplighter The Boys Comics and TV Show

While Lamplighter was only mentioned in The Boys season one and didn’t make his debut until season two, in the comics he was one of the founding members of The Seven.

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He possesses pyrokinesis, similar to the X-Men character Pyro, and can manipulate fire around him. He holds a lit torch with him as part of his uniform and later he resorts to a more subtle pocket lighter.

8 Iceman: Attack On The X-Mansion

Iceman is front and center in the first half of X2: X-Men United. He introduces himself to Wolverine as Rogue’s boyfriend and slowly freezes his hand to intimidate the brooding mutant. The two become more friendly in the kitchen, where Bobby freezes a soda for Wolverine. This is the start to probably the most exciting scene in all of the X-Men films. The scene has the X-Mansion being invaded and the children of the school being kidnapped. But Bobby is able to escape along with Rogue, Pyro, Colossus, and some other young students. Bobby has a great scene where he is able to put a thick wall of ice to separate them from the enemy, showing how far he has come with his mutant abilities.

7 Lamplighter: Season One Mentions

Through the first season of The Boys, Lamplighter has several mentions. In the even where Starlight is introduced as a member of The Seven, the Deep hosts a tribute to Lamplighter whose image can be seen on the screen behind him. Lamplighter can also be seen as part of The Seven statue and mural around The Seven’s meeting room inside Vaught tower.

6 Iceman: Coming Out As A Mutant

Iceman Rogue Cut

After escaping the attack on the X-Mansion, Wolverine, Iceman, Pyro, and Rogue go to Iceman’s family home to plan their next move. It’s revealed that Bobby’s parents were unaware of his mutant powers and so he is forced to reveal his true self to his family.

The X-Men comics have always been an allegory for minority groups and this scene mirrors the hardship of an LGBTQ+ teenager coming-out to their parents. Unfortunately, Bobby’s parents react the way he thought they would and his brother ends up calling the police on Bobby and his friends.

5 Lamplighter: Sage Grove Center

Lamplighter has introduced in season two, episode five, where he is seen working at Sage Grove Center burning a man alive to cover up experiments performed by Stormfront. Later, he becomes integral in the Boys’ escape from Sage Grove after they sneak in to get proof of Vaught’s experiments.

4 Iceman: Romance With Kitty Pryde

X-Men: The Last Stand opens with the awesome Danger Room scene where Iceman freezes a flamming piece of rubble that is about to hit him and Kitty Pryde (a.k.a. Shadowcat). A budding romance forms between the two mutants culminating in a scene where Iceman turns the fountain into an ice-rink to remind her of home. This puts a further strain on his relationship with Rogue, who ultimately takes the cure to remove her mutant abilities in an effort to be able to touch her boyfriend, Bobby.

3 Lamplighter: Flashback

It’s hinted in season one that Lamplighter was the one who killed Grace Mallory’s grandchildren. In a season two flashback scene it is revealed that Lamplighter was blackmailed by the Boys to help take down his fellow members of The Seven. In order to free himself from their grip, he went to kill Mallory but instead accidentally kill her grandchildren.

2 Iceman: Days Of Future Past

The Days of Future Past storyline opens with what is potentially the best moment in the entire X-Men film franchise. Iceman is in his prime including a full ice body, creating ice slides, and freezing full-on sentinels all by himself. He teams up with fellow X-Men Shadowcat and Colossus as well as other surviving mutants to take on the Sentinels. With no hope left for this timeline, Wolverine’s consciousness is sent back to 1973 to stop Bolivar Trask before he ever builds the mutants and starts the war against mutants.

1 Lamplighter: Setting Himself On Fire

Hughie is put on duty to babysit Lamplighter until they can have him testify against Vaught and The Seven. The two see on TV that Starlight was being held captive in Vaught tower and accused of being a spy. Hughie convinces Lamplighter to break into the tower in order to save Starlight. When they make it to The Seven’s headquarters Lamplighter lights his lighter and begins to set himself on fire in front of Hughie. He burns until there is virtually nothing left, except for his charred hand that Hughie is able to use to exit Vaught tower, saving both Starlight and her mother.

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