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Brendan Morias didn’t make an impact with Clare as Dale did. But the commercial roofer and model goes a long way with new Bachelorette Tayshia Adams.

Clare Crawley’s stint on The Bachelorette may have dramatically ended to make way for Tayshia Adams, but some of her suitors still stand strong. One of these eligible young men is Brendan Morais, a 30-year-old from Milford, Massachusetts, who Clare thought she’d sent home last week. Rumor has it, “sensitive soul” Brendan might just prove Clare wrong by winning Tayshia’s heart and rose. But what is that makes “BMoney” worth watching? Let’s scour his Instagram to see how this The Bachelorette star “juggles” between being a commercial roofer and a swoon-worthy model.

Clare’s crop of eligible gentlemen on season 16 of The Bachelorette has displayed more diversity than ever. And while most might have not received more screen-time when compared to the hairstylist’s heartthrob Dale Moss, some have certainly caught the Bachelor Nation’s eye. Amongst them lies Brendan who’s job as a “roofer” made host Chris Harrison joke that he was a “shingle guy.” And although Brendan may not have been single, until he divorced ex Simone Santos a year ago, it’s his ethnicity that Harrison found “interesting” owing to his Portuguese roots and Boston background. Brendan, with his Portuguese-Boston accent, seems to have, as predicted by Harrison “turned it on when it counts the most” for Tayshia. However, his being recently divorced may have also affected Brendan’s resolve to be a “true romantic” with the new Bachelorette. However (spoiler alert) while the Milford man Morais may have left Tayshia high and dry, ABC fans can still double-tap him for his many modeling gigs on Instagram.

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The 6-foot-1 The Bachelorette star with black hair and blue eyes is currently listed with NEMG Model & Talent Management. Here’s one of Brendan’s earliest Instagram posts where he flaunts his #modelsofinstagram chops.

Professional roofer Brendan’s real passion is apparently coaching his high school’s basketball team, as per his ABC bio. But this The Bachelorette contestant’s IG feed may as well make many mistake him for a full-time model. Here, much younger Brendan features in his cool blue denim look that matches his eyes.

Brendan said, “Just added this one to the portfolio,” about this IG post from 2014. A compliment in the reality TV star’s comments also refers to him as the male Cara Delevingne.

Brendan lets his eyebrows and enviable abs do the talking in this black and white feature from 2016 where he’s casually “#flexin” the vein in his neck.

The Bachelorette celeb jokes that his mom says she likes him “better with a beard.” Brendan’s 11k plus followers could collectively nod (and sigh) in agreement after looking at this post.

Brendan shows his sense of humor through his Instagram captions, evidently. Here’s him asking his followers to not let their “imagination run wild” after spotting a “little bit” of his ankle. As one of the comments reads, “too late, Brendan.”

A clear indication of why The Bachelorette fan-favorite favors turtlenecks is certainly this post.

Here’s Brendan being #MancrushMonday material for the Bachelor Nation in this monotone capture.

Brendan’s denim look gets a major update from his 2014 jeans OOTD as he moves “pretty good” in this three-piece denim situation.

Can this rosy post be a prediction of Brendan getting Tayshia’s final rose on The Bachelorette?

One can never go wrong with a little pink, but too much of too seems to be working for Mr. Morais in this post where fans think he looks “a lot like James Franco.”

Another rose-themed photoshoot? The Bachelorette’s Brendan might as well be adding “psychic” to his ABC intro. “How are you not the Dale of the season ur literally so attractive,” exclaims an excited fan in the post’s comments. Even if Dale found his first and also final rose with Clare, Brendan could certainly become the winner of Tayshia’s season, or heart, after all.

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The Bachelorette season 16 airs Tuesdays at 8 pm EST on ABC.

Source: NEMGBrendan Morais/Instagram, ABC

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