American Horror Story Season 10 Image Teases Mermaids


Ryan Murphy’s latest tease for American Horror Story season 10 suggests it will feature mermaids in some capacity – and not the nice ones.

The latest tease for American Horror Story season 10 suggests it will feature mermaids – and not the nice ones. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk created the horror anthology series, which premiered in 2011 and spent its first season telling a story of a haunted house. Over the years, American Horror Story has focused on an asylum, a witch coven, a 1950s freak show, and several other spine-chilling topics. While certain seasons were better received than others, American Horror Story has scored critical acclaim and amassed a sizable fanbase. This led to FX renewing American Horror Story through season 13, cementing its place as the network’s longest-running hour-long show.

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For months now, fans have wondered about what the long-awaited American Horror Story season 10 would be about, but Murphy has so far kept most major details a secret. The season was initially slated to premiere this fall, but the coronavirus pandemic delayed it to 2021. As a result, 2020 marks the first year since 2011 that there won’t be a new American Horror Story installment. To keep anticipation high, Murphy has posted a slew of teases on social media for fans to ponder, and the latest has finally arrived.

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Murphy shared a new promotional image for American Horror Story, using the show’s signature style to tease what’s to come. The picture shows a wide open mouth, with the tongue featuring a tattoo reading “AHS 10.” Perhaps the most telling details are the teeth, which are all sharpened to dangerous points. Could this mean American Horror Story season 10 will feature deadly mermaids?

So far, the teases Murphy has shared about American Horror Story season 10 all look to be pointing towards aquatic horror, and this new theory certainly supports that. Murphy shared a photo of a beach back in May, suggesting season 10 will take place by the sea. If this proves to be correct, there are surely several terrifying creatures and legends Murphy can draw from to make American Horror Story season 10 genuinely terrifying.

Production on American Horror Story season 10 was slated to begin in October, and as no further delays were announced, it looks like things have gotten underway. At this rate, it seems likely that American Horror Story won’t premiere until later in 2021, which falls in line with how previous seasons began. Presumably, Murphy will reveal the official season 10 theme before then, and fans are certainly looking forward to that moment. Until then, the speculation will continue on, and the theories will be aided by this intimidating new tease.

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Source: Ryan Murphy/Instagram

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