Among Us: Impostor All The Time Or Crewmate


In Among Us, is it better to play as an Impostor all the time, or to just be a crewmate? Depending on player preferences, one role is probably better.

InnerSloth’s breakout hit Among Us is a social deduction game set in outer space. The game pits an Impostor (or a few) against the rest of Among Us’ players, called Crewmates. While the Crewmates work to complete tasks and figure out who the Impostor is, the Impostor (or Impostors, depending on settings) kills the Crewmates one by one. It’s an insidious sci-fi concept with colorful, cutesy avatars to lighten the mood. But which role is actually better – Impostor or crewmate?

Ultimately, this will come down to player preferences. However, there are certain aspects of each role in Among Us that could help people decide which role is right for them. Of course, getting to be the Impostor in Among Us can be completely random, but some people just prefer being an Impostor to being a regular Crewmate.

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Impostor is certainly a fun role to play, especially for people who enjoy playing tricks on friends or messing with other people. However, it’s also a bit lonely – Impostors often act alone, even when there are multiple Impostors in a round of Among Us. For players who prefer working alone instead of in a group, it’s also ideal since Impostors don’t have to rely on other players in order to win.

Why Some People May Prefer Being Crewmates In Among Us

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Although Impostor seems to be the most popular role in Among Us, there are still plenty of players out there who prefer being a Crewmate. Playing as a Crewmate in Among Us is easier, especially for beginners, and it’s also safer (somewhat – death is still possible). Players don’t have to worry about sneaking around as much when they are a Crewmate, and they can rely on others for help. For people who prefer teamwork, Crewmate makes an ideal role.

This is really where the biggest differences come from, and why it will ultimately come down to player preferences. People who like being sneaky and working alone will probably be drawn to Among Us’ Impostor role. Meanwhile, players who prefer teamwork and interaction will most likely prefer being a Crewmate. There’s also more of a learning curve with Crewmates, which makes that role better for beginners.

No matter which role players prefer, it’s always nice to shake things up and try something new. Playing as an Impostor all the time might get old after a while, whereas always playing as a Crewmate could get equally tedious. At the end of the day, it just comes down to which role players prefer in Among Us – and which one they see as the most fun.

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