Destiny 2 Loot Cave Makes Beyond Light Power Leveling Fast


Following in a long line of loot caves and loot cave adjacent elements, the newest Destiny 2 loot cave in Beyond Light makes power leveling easy.

A new Destiny 2 loot cave in Beyond Light has been found, and it’s made power leveling remarkably easy for players willing to spend a short amount of time repeating the Widow’s Walk lost sector in the EDZ. Destiny 2: Beyond Light is the game’s most recent expansion, having dropped only yesterday, and in keeping with a time-honored tradition, Guardians have already found one of the most exploitable elements of the game’s new overhaul.

The exploit was first found and documented by Destiny 2 content creator Aztecross, who published a short three minute video explaining the exploit. Essentially, repeating Widow’s Walk as of this writing rewards players with legendary loot that is always 10 levels higher than their current cap, with a softcap of 1200. This is hugely important to players, though, especially those who have fallen behind in keeping up with the light levels required of the game’s upper echelon of content. For some reason, a Wanted boss in Widow’s Walk is guaranteed to drop this loot at a locked rate of 10 levels higher before softcap, and because of the relatively short nature of the run, this means players can power level up to that soft cap in under an hour if they’re especially efficient.

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It also goes without saying, however, that this is exactly the type of thing Bungie usually squashes quickly. Power leveling has been a no-go for Destiny 2 and its predecessor since the beginning, with the fabled loot cave exploit only lasting a short time before being patched out and its subsequent predecessors tending to last for even shorter periods. For now, though, fans should enjoy the wealth of opportunity the Destiny 2 Beyond Light loot cave has to offer – it’s probably going to be gone soon, likely as early as today.

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Source: Aztecross

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