Family Vacation – The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Episodes, Ranked By IMDb


Six years after reality TV series Jersey Shore went off the air, the group of friends, or “roommates” as they call one another, returned for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

The original series was about a group of 20-something single people spending the summer in a Shore House where all they did was drink, party, and hook up with random people. Now in their 30s, several of them married and/or with children, some would think the spin-off series would be different. But it’s still full of partying, excessive drinking, and drama.

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Gearing up for its fourth season, fans are excited to see what happens in the aftermath of Angelina’s wedding and the massive fallout that occurred at the momentous event. Especially since some episodes from the first three seasons were considered amazing while others, well, not so much.

10 Best: Crash The Bachelorette (Season 3, Episode 22) – 7.7

Jersey Shore Vinny Mike Pauly


The true title of this episode should be “crash the Ratch-elorette,” as this is what Pauly called Angelina’s Bachelorette party in New Orleans when he came up with the clever idea for the boys to show up, uninvited.

He, Mike, and Vinny decide they were going to hop on a plane to New Orleans, book a room right next to the girls, and surprise them. Meanwhile, Jenni was nervous about Angelina seeing her there, but the two finally cleared the air and squashed their beef.

9 Worst: Tuxedo Time (Season 2, Episode 25) – 5.3

Jersey Shore tuxedos

By this time, fans had had enough of the Ronnie and Jenn drama. In this episode, Ron spoke with Vinny and Pauly (who have also appeared on several spin-off shows together) to finally open up about his struggles and relationship, and for them to tell him what they think and that they are there for him.

Meanwhile, as Mike prepped for his wedding, he had no idea if he could rely on Ronnie, and the gang was surprised to see and hear that Jenn would actually be attending.

8 Best: What’s In The Bag? (Season 1, Episode 1) – 7.7

Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode 1

Fans were very obviously excited that the show was back, as this episode ranks among the highest rated of all three seasons. Everyone (minus Angelina and Mike) reunited in Miami to have a long overdue family vacation. While they all remained in touch and moved on to other projects, fans hadn’t been able to see them all together again in a reunion of some sort.

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Things have changed, of course, and not only are they married, with kids, and/or busy with careers, but Mike was going through major legal troubles that could see him sent to jail.

7 Worst: Seacaucus! (Season 2, Episode 20) – 5.3

Jersey Shore Mike Seacaucus

Interestingly, while this episode included a pivotal reveal of Mike’s sentencing, which was much longer than anyone thought it would be and would definitely see him going to jail, the episode ranks among the five worst. It could be because, again, a lot of focus was on Ronnie and the drama in his life.

The episode title is in reference to Ronnie clearly having gotten into a bad fight. While he claimed that it all happened outside of a bar in Seacaucus, no one was buying the lie – especially Mike, who had the most hilarious reaction to the possibility that Ronnie just so happened to be in a bar in Seacaucus when he got jumped. Why would he be in Seacaucus of all places?

6 Best: The Speech Part 1 (Season 3, Episode 28) – 7.8

Jersey Shore Family Vacation wedding speech

There was a big build-up to this episode, and it paid off, as it ranks among the top-five highest-ranked of all three seasons. Nicole, Jenni, and Deena were excited to present their clever, witty, and, in their eyes, hilarious, bridesmaid speeches at Angelina’s wedding.

While things initially turned out to be going well, Angelina started looking uncomfortable. And when the audience started booing and Angelina’s new husband Chris was visibly annoyed, the claws came out. Of course, with this only being Part 1, much of the episode was all about the build-up, not the main event.

5 Worst: The Dude Ranch (Season 2, Episode 21) – 4.3

jersey shore family vacation ronnie snooki

While Mike prepared for his pending prison sentence and his wedding, the group decided to plan a Bachelor party for him at a Dude Ranch. It was a cute idea but pretty lame, especially with so much tension between others, including a pregnant Deena and a spoiled and argumentative Angelina as well as Ronnie and Jennie resenting one another.

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In the end, they surprised Mike by driving Lauren over to pretend to be a stripper, causing the groom-to-be to break down in tears. It was a sweet episode but it was missing a lot of what fans love most about the show.

4 Best: So That Happened (Season 3, Episode 25) – 8.5

After a drunken night of partying and Pauly and Jenni flirting hard with one another, the gang wanted to know what was up and if something would actually happen between the two. This was also the episode where the gang headed over to Mike and Lauren’s new home (or mansion) for a visit.

It’s a very emotional episode and one that was well-received for an important reason: Lauren revealed that she was pregnant but had a miscarriage, and the friends, who are like family, offer their support and vow to get through all their tough times together.

3 Worst: Not Again (Season 2, Episode 23) – 4.3

Jersey Shore Ronnie Jenn

It’s a recurring theme, but any time an episode focuses on Ronnie and his clearly unhealthy relationship with Jenn, it’s ranked among the lowest. Still trying to deal with his personal issues while being distant with his friends, everyone tried to move forward.

The boys practiced a choreographed dance for Mike’s wedding, but Ronnie’s heart was clearly not in it. Meanwhile, the show deviated from the fun as Nicole prepared to open her new store.

2 Best: P-Woww (Season 3, Episode 24) – 8.7

Jersey Shore Jenni Pauly

It was a whole “will they, won’t they” thing, and it’s fitting that this was the 24th episode of the show, since the gang nicknamed Jenni’s 24-year-old boyfriend (at that time, her ex) “24”. Partying it up in New Orleans, things started to get really flirtatious between Pauly and Jenni.

It’s clear the two have a lot of respect for one another, and nothing more happened beyond innocent flirting. But it’s obvious they both had strong feelings for one another but didn’t want to ruin the friendship they had built over the past decade.

1 Worst: Where’ Ronnie? (Season 2, Episode 24) – 4.3

Ronnie in Jersey Shore

This episode centered around Deena’s baby shower and Mike and Lauren’s wedding rehearsal dinner. Meanwhile, Ronnie continued to be distant and, in some instances, totally absent, from the festivities.

As the group discussed what might be going on with Ronnie and their concerns about him and his relationship, fans continued to roll their eyes and scream at their TVs for Ronnie to leave Jenn already, get the help he needs, and take care of his beautiful daughter once and for all.

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