Fortnite Black Widow Snow Suit Skin Revealed, Can Be Earned Today


Epic Games shares the official details regarding the Fortnite Black Widow Cup, which is a part of the ongoing Marvel Knockout Super Series.

Marvel Knockout Super Series is continuing this week in Fortnite with today’s Black Widow Cup, in which players can unlock her newly revealed Snow Suit skin. The official announcement confirms the previous tease by Epic that suggested Natasha Romanoff’s upcoming involvement in the tournament, and her iconic look is the prize for winning.

Black Widow was teased by Epic Games a few days ago via a meaningful image featuring a shadow of the next character to join Marvel Knockout Super Series. The silhouette clearly belonged to Natasha Romanoff, although the assumption had a solid confirmation in the form of emoji with two red triangles and a spider. It felt like Epic wasn’t trying to hide the fact that the answer to the puzzle was undoubtedly the Black Widow. It was more of a tease to hype the arrival of the character along with themed cosmetics – much like it happened to the previous two Cups with Daredevil and Ghost Rider.

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Epic Games announces that the Fortnite Black Widow Cup kicks off today, continuing the ongoing Marvel Knockout Super Series. This time, the LTM in question will focus on Duos. After scoring enough victories, contenders will have the chance to unlock a stunning Black Widow outfit along with respective Back Bling cosmetics. The limited-time mode can be accessed via the Compete Tab, although there’re several restrictions for participants. Players need to have accounts of at least level 30, and a 2-factor authentication enabled. The final chapter of the Marvel Knockout Super Series will emerge next week, on November 18, with the last Cup dedicated to a mystery hero or villain, after which, the $1 Million Super Cup will become available on November 21.

Fortnite Black Widow Cup


The Marvel Knockout Super Series tournament started back in October with the introduction of Daredevil and his dedicated Hero Cup. The competition revolves around slightly altered rules of the popular Operation: Knockout LTM with regular weapons replaced by Marvel superpowers. Teams fight for early access to new character skins they get for winning the tournaments. Afterward, the cosmetics hit the Item Shop to be sold for everyone else. Additionally, those who play through all the four Marvel-themed Hero Cups will receive a special reward – an exclusive Nexus War Glider.

Epic surely knows how to engage the Fortnite community with new LTMs and tournaments. Moreover, winning a free superhero costume before it becomes available for purchase gives a sense of true accomplishment, which is somewhat rare in the modern gaming industry where almost every cosmetic item can be acquired with real money. With Black Widow being a great choice for old-time Marvel fans, it is now extremely intriguing who’s going to be the last character featured in Marvel Knockout Super Series next week.

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