Green Lantern Meets the All-Female Justice League


Hal Jordan journeys to Earth-11 and meets not only the a woman-dominated Justice League, but a dark version of his own Green Lantern Corps.

Spoilers for Green Lantern #9 ahead!

Green Lantern Hal Jordan travels to Earth-11 and meets a female-dominated Justice League. In The Green Lantern: Season Two #9, by writer Grant Morrison (The Invisibles) and artist Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman), Hal Jordan crosses over to Earth-11 and meets their resident heroes, including Batwoman and a gender-flipped Mr. Terrific, with potentially catastrophic results for both Earths!

Morrison and Liam Sharp have steered the character away from the multi-colored Lanterns saga that dominated the title for a decade and back towards the high-concept, mind-bending science fiction style of the character’s earlier incarnations. Acknowledging the character’s law-enforcement roots, Morrison and Sharp meld science fiction with the police procedural genre, making for a unique read. In their hands, Hal has faced down renegade Controllers, numerous interdimensional tyrants, had a truly bizarre team up with Green Arrow, and even fought  “God” himself. And now, Jordan has crossed the multiversal barrier to Earth-11, where he finds himself on a world dominated by women, complete with its own Justice League, and a very interesting version of the Green Lantern Corps.

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Fans learn that on this Earth that a matriarchal society, headed up by the Amazons, made contact with the Zamarons of Oa. Representing the feminine side of Oa, as well as representing the power of emotions the Zamarons created the Star Sapphire Sorority, which spread a message of love through the cosmos. In this universe, the male Oans created a twisted version of the Green Lantern Corps, representing the “superiority” of men and the weakness of emotions; Carol Ferris learns this when she crosses paths with the Hal Jordan of Earth-11. This Earth also features a woman-dominated Justice League, complete with its own Batwoman and Ms. Terrific. Meanwhile, the Golden Destroyer has come from Earth-15 to destroy both Earths.

Batman-Terrific Earth 11


Morrison has helped shape the direction of DC’s Multiverse, having written both Final Crisis and The Multiversity; fans get to see him flesh out another Earth here, adding to the richness of the Multiverse.

Morrison and Sharp’s run on Green Lantern has been a trippy odyssey through the Green Lantern mythos; the two continually come up with wild new scenarios for Jordan, and the Earth he finds in this issue may be one of the best yet. Not only do Morrison and Sharp completely flip the script on the Justice League, but they also do it to the Green Lantern as well, showing a dark and sinister underside to the Green Lantern Corps, and masculinity, as well.

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