How To Save On M1 Apple MacBook Air Or Pro, Mac mini For Education


Apple’s new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini are expensive, but they are also available at discounted rates for individual educators or schools.


Apple‘s latest Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are all powered by the company’s new M1 chip, and so are their education-friendly editions. The powerful computers and laptops have long been popular tools for students and professionals looking to get work done. With these latest versions, Apple is pushing to make an even bigger commitment to making this kind of technology available for education users, while also offering them a way to save money when buying.

The company has its own K-12 education program, which offers several perks and features for education-focused groups and individuals. That includes special pricing for schools, for personal purchases for educators, as well as available financing plans that try to fit around educators’ goals and budget cycles. The best part is, getting access to this education program is surprisingly simple.

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To utilize the K-12 education program and buy Apple products with a discount, users can create an account and enroll their schools through Apple’s website. As soon as they’ve created an account, users can sign in to check order status, buy Apple products and navigate financing options. When it comes to the company’s latest line of Mac computers with M1 chips, the $1,249 MacBook Pro is discounted to $1,199, the $999 MacBook Air drops down to $899, and the $699 Mac mini suddenly becomes $679.

Additional Apple Education Program Details

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According to Apple, the K-12 program focuses on creating financing options that make sense for educational institutions and offering support to teachers, students and staff alike. These financing options include reducing the cost of products for academic institutions and for individuals in education, such as college students, those accepted to college, parents buying for college students, faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers. Apple also offers programs that include enhanced-rate full-payout financing, deferred payment plans, and fair market value lease options. In addition, Apple employs Professional Learning Specialists, which the company describes as educators that are able to demonstrate how to use Apple products for learning and teaching. These specialists can provide learning plans and the coaching sessions include modeling in-class lessons, as well as working together to create new learning experiences.

Even with the discounts, these new Apple products are still expensive. However, the modest price drops, combined with Apple’s varying finance options, represent a better option for buying computers for educational purposes than the alternative of paying full price. So, while it feels like Apple could do more to help those in education, these discounted Mac and MacBook prices through Apple’s K-12 program are helpful.

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