Nintendo President Congratulates Xbox On Series X/S Launch


Nintendo of America’s President Doug Bowser extends his congratulations to Xbox on the launch day of the Series X and Series S next-gen consoles.

Today marks the start of a new generation of console gaming, and in a wholesome exchange, the President of Nintendo of America congratulated Xbox and Phil Spencer on the launch of the Xbox Series X. Although they’re technically competitors, Nintendo still has enough respect for other developers to support them on their big day.

Microsoft and Sony are probably the first two companies to come to mind when the words “console war” are uttered, with Nintendo somewhat on the sidelines. PlayStation and Xbox fight over exclusive titles, company acquisitions, and console specifications, but Nintendo tends to do its own thing. This becomes especially apparent when looking at console launch timelines. While Xbox and PlayStation tend to release their newest consoles relatively close to one another, Nintendo releases a new console sporadically as if it isn’t worried about competing with other companies. All three companies have seen tremendous success, although Xbox and PlayStation have continued to stay at one another’s throats while climbing that ladder.

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If the console wars were a race to see who could release its system first, Xbox would have won the battle of 2020. Microsoft’s next-gen console, the Xbox Series X, launched today just two days before the PlayStation 5. This is a momentous occasion as the term “next-gen” is starting to become obsolete. The next generation of gaming has begun, and the Xbox Series X|S is now a current-gen console. To help celebrate, Nintendo of America’s President Doug Bowser extended a virtual congratulations to the head of Xbox Phil Spencer via Twitter on the launch of the Xbox Series X.

Phil Spencer previously stated that Microsoft’s view on its competition with Sony is changing. Instead of focusing on selling more units than PlayStation, Xbox is working towards providing its players with a more enjoyable experience by making its games available on various platforms. Spencer stated that if Xbox’s approach was simply to outsell its competitors, it wouldn’t be focusing as much as it has been on getting games onto more diverse platforms.

Xbox and Nintendo may not be the most direct of competitors, but it is still wholesome to see two titans of industry shake hands over the release of a new console. Doug Bowser could have chosen not to extend his congratulations, but his actions speak loudly of the kind of company Nintendo strives to be. After all, whether it’s an Xbox Series X, a PS5, or a Switch, gaming is gaming.

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