Phasmophobia: How to Keep the Flashlight On


The Flashlight is possibly the most important tool in Phasmophobia. Players can keep it turned on even while using other equipment for security.

Arguably the most important piece of equipment any ghost hunter in Phasmophobia can bring with them at all times is the Flashlight. Though most maps have lights all over the building, the ghosts tend to cut the power or flicker the lights, and many pieces of equipment used to gather evidence about the ghost do not work if the lights are on. Players will also lose sanity more quickly the longer they remain in the dark, so it is in a player’s best interest to keep a light on to keep their sanity at decent levels. When players scroll through their inventory and equip a new item, the Flashlight will go out, leaving the player in near-complete darkness.

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There are two kinds of Flashlight a player can purchase for use during their paranormal investigations. Having the Flashlight on while the house is dark can help give players a sense of control and security in a game that has been praised for its terrifying atmosphere and spooky ghost encounters. Like many of the other items in the game, players can still keep the Flashlight turned on and use it even when it is not currently equipped. In VR, players can do this with the Flashlight and most other equipment too. Here’s how to keep the Flashlight turned on while it is stored on the player character’s shoulder in Phasmophobia.

How to Keep the Flashlight On in Phasmophobia


Players entering a haunted home or building in the game will only be able to bring 3 pieces of equipment with them at a time. They can make routine trips back to the truck to set down supplies and retrieve new items.

It is important to keep a Flashlight on each player character any time they enter the house. When players equip it, they will need to left-click to turn it on. They can left-click again to turn it off, or they can just toggle their next piece of equipment to turn it off.

To keep the light on even when the Flashlight is stored and the player is holding a different piece of equipment, players can press T on the keyboard to mount the light on their shoulder. This will allow them to stay in the light and see if the ghost is coming toward them while they gather other evidence.

In VR, the Flashlight won’t turn off if the player places it on their belt and grabs a different piece of equipment, so those players will not have to push any other buttons to activate it. Other equipment, like the EMF Reader, will also continue to work from the player’s belt in Phasmophobia for VR. Some strictly PC players hope this option will be added outside VR in future updates.

Flashlights can be used as a signal to alert the player and their team when a ghost is initiating a hunting phase. The ghost will make the flashlight flicker, and it will continue to flicker for the duration of the hunting phase. Flashlights can also be dropped while still on to provide a constant light source, especially if players notice the ghost enjoys causing lights to flicker or messing with the fuse box.

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Phasmophobia is available for PC.

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