Pokémon’s Mythical Zarude Still Locked Behind Japanese Movie Tickets


Pokémon’s newest Mythical, Zarude, is getting a second wave of distributions, which will still only available to Japanese moviegoers for now.

Fans of Pokémon outside of Japan are being met with more disappointment as Game Freak is once again distributing the Mythical Zarude via Japanese movie tickets. Zarude was revealed in February of this year, and players outside of Japan still have no legitimate way to obtain this Pokémon other than trading with Japanese players.

In August, the first wave of Zarude distributions took place for Pokémon: Sword & Shield. Players who pre-ordered Japanese tickets for the Pokémon the Movie: Coco could redeem a code for a shiny Celebi as well as the new Mythical Zarude. Select American players were able to get their hands on Zarude by having people in Japan purchase tickets for them, but the general public were left without a legitimate method of obtaining a Zarude. Now, a new Zarude form is being released, but it is still exclusive to Japan.

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According to Serebii, various Japanese sources have reported a secondary Zarude distribution that will take place in theaters on December 25 when the movie releases. Serebii reports that CoroCoro, a popular Japanese manga magazine, has announced the distribution. Players who visit Japanese theatres to see Pokémon the Movie: Coco will be able to redeem a special Zarude wearing a Celebi cape, this being the same Zarude that appears in the movie.

While players had the opportunity to redeem their own Zarude via pre-ordered tickets, it seems as if they won’t have the same luck getting the cape-wearing Zarude. Unless they use their pre-ordered tickets and fly to Japan this December, players outside of Japan will have to wait and see when Pokémon plans to distribute Zarude. It’s a given that Zarude will be released outside of Japan at some point in time, but the caped Zarude may only be available to Japanese moviegoers. Hopefully, caped Zarude will release in other countries even if it is locked behind going to see the new Pokémon movie.

Of course, players could always hack Zarude into their copies of Pokémon: Sword & Shield if they are impatient. There are also plenty of eBay sellers on the Pokémon black market that could supply the player with a Zarude that may or may not be legit. These methods are very scummy, but players may turn to them due to the lack of Zarude distributions in their area. Hopefully, players won’t have to resort to these methods, and The Pokémon Company will give Pokémon fans this new Zarude before they become too restless.

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Source: Serebii

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