Roblox Books Lil Nas X For Fortnite-Style In-Game Concert Experience


Roblox is partnering with Grammy-winning rapper Lil Nas X to hold a Fortnite-esque multiday virtual concert experience in the popular game.

Roblox has partnered with Grammy-winning rapper Lil Nas X to hold a virtual concert experience in the game. Roblox has slowly become one of the biggest and most successful games in the world since its launch in 2006. The game has grown even more over the past year, with its player base reaching over 150 million active users, a 50 percent increase over last year, and its community of creators is set to make over $250 million collectively in 2020, more than double of what the community earned in 2019.

In-game virtual concerts and similar music collaborations have become increasingly popular over the past year due to countries implementing quarantine and social distancing measures. Travis Scott held a virtual concert in Fortnite earlier this year, which was attended by over 12.3 million concurrent players. Since then, Fortnite developer Epic Games has booked several more in-game musical experiences and even launched its Party Royale mode dedicated to virtual concerts and gatherings. Just last month, hit K-pop group BTS debuted one of its latest music videos in Fortnite’s Party Royale.

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As for Lil Nas X’s Roblox concert, the details on the multiday event were posted on the official Roblox website. The event is scheduled to begin on November 13, with a preshow where players can see behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the concert as well as a special Q&A session. The main event will be held on November 14, which will be followed by two encore performances for viewers from other time zones and regions including Asia and Europe. Lil Nas X will be performing – with his motion-captured avatar – several of his favorite tracks as well as debuting his latest single.

Players who join the preshow can participate in an in-game scavenger hunt to unlock an exclusive Lil Nas X emote. Players can also join the event right now to purchase limited-edition Lil Nas X in-game merch, such as wings and shoulder pads, that their avatars can wear. According to Roblox, the in-game items will only be available for a limited time, with more being released daily leading up to the event so those interested in grabbing them should jump in as early as now.

These in-game virtual concert experiences are becoming a great alternative to simply watching artists perform live on stream and games like Roblox, Fortnite, and even Minecraft (which held its own in-game concert experience earlier this year) are making these experiences not only possible but even more enjoyable. These events also consequently increase the visibility and interest in the games themselves so it isn’t surprising that even Roblox has gotten into the trend after Fortnite and Minecraft’s success with them.

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