Valiant Announces New Savage Series From Max Bemis and Nathan Stockman


Savage, an all-new hero from Valiant, will debut in February 2021 by the all-star creative team of Max Bemis and Nathan Stockman!

Valiant Comics just announced a new series, titled Savage, that will debut in February. Savage will be written by Max Bemis, frontman for indie rock group Say Anything and writer of Moon Knight, with art by Nathan Stockman (Iceman). The new series will arrive in stores on February 17, 2021 with three different variant covers by Marcus To, Christian Ward and Stacey Lee.

Since its return in 2012, Valiant has retooled and reworked its classic stable of characters – such as X-O Manowar, Shadowman and Harbinger – to critical and commercial success. These classic characters have also made the transition to other media as well: Bloodshot even got his own movie. Alongside the established characters, Valiant has also created and developed new characters and titles, such as Punk Mambo and the award-winning Divinity series. And now Valiant will introduce readers to Kevin Sauvage, better known as Savage. Savage is the story of a young man, Sauvage, who grew up on a jungle island called Faraway filled with dinosaurs before h finds himself transplanted to modern day London. There, he becomes a media sensation, appearing in viral videos, advertisements and even on magazine covers. His new life in London comes to a halt when dinosaurs invade the city, and it is up to Savage to stop them!

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In a press release from Valiant, Bemis promised “to deliver the goods” with Savage, saying it will feature dinosaurs and British-tinged humor. Stockman hopes fans will “be gripped immediately” with the book, and he hopes to leave them wanting more. Valiant Senior Editor Heather Antos expressed excitement over Savage, hoping it will appeal to Valiant fans old and new; she also praised the character, stating he fits the Valiant tenets of questioning what it means to be a superhero. Antos went on to say that Savage’s “action packed science fiction tone” fits within the Valiant Universe.


Long-time Valiant fans may recognize Savage… sort of. Valiant, in their first incarnation, published a title called Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, the concept of which bears a resemblance to Savage considering both hunt dinosaurs, but that’s where the similarities end.

Valiant has featured a number of high-profile relaunches lately, Harbinger and Shadowman among them; Savage continues this trend. By focusing on new characters alongside their existing ones, the company is keeping the innovative tradition of the original Valiant alive. Savage is set to make his mark on the Valiant Universe, and with top-notch talent such as Bemis and Stockman on board, it will likely not be one to forget.

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