Whose Eye Power is Deadlier?


Eagle-eyed viewers may notice a similarity between Kanao Tsuyuri and Sasuke Uchiha: their deadly eye powers. But, whose eye power is stronger?

Naruto and Demon Slayer are two of the most popular manga and anime around. The chakra-powered ninja and the sword-breathing Demon Slayers remain recognizable characters in fandoms, Comic-Con costumes, and all-around internet stardom. Similarities exist between the two creations, such as elemental magic, demons, epic battles, and a heavy Japanese visual and cultural aesthetic. Eagle-eyed viewers may notice a deeper similarity, one between Kanao Tsuyuri and Sasuke Uchiha: the ultimate power behind both characters’ deadly eyes. But, whose eye power is stronger? Let’s dive into a comparison and see which eye wins the fight.

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For casual readers and viewers, Kanao Tsuyuri is a member of the Demon Corps. Under the Insect Hashira’s mentorship, Kanao fights Demons with her Flower Breathing techniques. She’s a shy, petite, and pleasant girl. No Demon would suspect Kanao carries a hidden ace up her sleeve or eye. Sasuke Uchiha hails from the Naruto universe. Alternating between a hero, villain, and somewhere in between, Sasuke also develops enhanced eye powers along his journey for ultimate power. So, if Kanao and Sasuke ever crossed paths on the battlefield, whose eye power would win?

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Kanao Tsuyuri’s Eyes

Demon Slayer Kanao Tsuyuri Eye


Kanao’s eye power comes from her final Flower Breathing Form, the Equinoctial Vermilion Eye. She’s the only Demon Slayer who is able to use this technique, thanks to her natural agility and sharp vision. Able to view her opponents in slow motion, this technique heightens Kanao’s kinetic vision and detection, effectively granting her the ability to view a battle as if no time is passing. Already incredibly swift due to her fighting style of the Insect Hashira and Flower Breathing, Kanao’s speed increases further still in her final form, to deadly advantage. Kimetsu no Yaiba Vol. 19 #157-163 sees Kanao use her Vermillion Eye against the Demon Doma after witnessing the death of her mentor and friend, Shinobu Kocho. Using rage as fuel, Kanao unleashes all of her Flower Breathing attacks before utilizing her eyes as her final strategy. Though she is victorious by gaining the ability to view her opponent with exact precision, the cost of using the Vermillion eye damages her own cells, resulting in partial blindness; the longer it’s in use, the higher the risk of damaged optic nerves and blood vessels. The user can continue to use the Vermillion eye so long as they retain partial eyesight, but once eyesight has been lost, so has this power. In theory, any user of Flower Breathing hosts the potential to unlock this final form. But so far, only Kanao Tsuyuri has been shown to use this power.

Sasuke’s Eyes

Sasuke's various Sharingan and Rennigan

Sasuke Uchiha’s eyes can be a bit confusing. Unlike Kanao Tsuyuri, Sasuke develops several evolutions and powers through his various eye level-ups. There’s the Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan, and Rinnegan. Sasuke inherits his eye powers, the Sharingan, from his clan’s lineage. Developed and awoken through a long history of trauma, these eyes serve one of the strongest warnings in the Naruto universe that terrible powers come at a terrible cost.

Unlocked from the trauma of his brother’s death, as seen in Naruto #393, Sasuke learns that his Sharingan can become more and more powerful, with the next level being the Mangekyo Sharingan. However, the more it’s used, the weaker Sasuke’s vision becomes, and he eventually takes his brother’s eyes to replace his as a means to avoid blindness; thus, an ‘eternal’ form of his Mangekyo Sharingan is developed. Different from Kanao’s Vermillion eye, Sasuke’s right and left eyes produce different attacks. The left eye generates black fire and the right eye controls the flames. Rightly called Amaterasu–meaning sun goddess–Naruto #391 shows that this black fire is impossible to extinguish as it exists only to consume its target, and it can even burn away other flames. But that’s not all. When Sasuke uses both of his Mangekyo Sharingan together– repeatedly over time– he can gradually build a chakra-fueled monster-like entity called Susanoo. His next eye upgrade is even more powerful.

Sasuke’s Rinnegan eye manipulates time, just like Kanao’s Vermillion eye. However, Sasuke’s Rinnegan eye lets him manipulate time itself, even allowing him to switch places with other beings he views. As explored in Naturo #91, Space-Time Ninjutsu allows users to play with time. The Rennigan eye grants Sasuke access to this power, effectively allowing the potential to travel through time dimensions, while Kanao Tsuyuri is limited to only one plane of time. Each eye evolution Sasuke acquires doesn’t cancel out his past powers. Instead, he can use all the powers he’s gained, like layers, in each eye. This means Sasuke can use his Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan, and Rennigan in a single battle, if he has enough stamina.

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Kanao vs. Sasuke

Naruto and Demon Slayer

In a match to determine whose eyes are deadlier, it appears Sasuke Uchiha wins by a long shot. Perhaps, if he only had one version of eyes to compete against Kanao’s, the two would be a better match. That’s not to say each character doesn’t sport the most deadly eyes of their own respective stories. Kanao Tsuyuri has, by far, the most powerful gaze in all of her Demon Slayer world; however, when compared to Sasuke Uchiha’s multi-level eyes, Kanao’s powers just aren’t as deadly. Sasuke can generate long-range attacks, additional elemental damage, and effectively see all aspects of time. He can unleash literal hellfire, whereas Kanao Tsuyuri can only observe the kinetic energy and movements of her opponents.

Sasuke also hosts the benefit of a genetic disposition to his eye powers. He can pass down the Sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan potential to his prodigy. Over time, perhaps his future family could further develop these eye powers and techniques. Kanao’s Vermillion Eye, however, is limited to her sole use and isn’t necessarily inheritable by genetics. Likewise, she cannot opt for an eye transplant, like Sasuke can, to prevent her blindness or strengthen her eyes. This means–as mentioned above–that another Flower Breathing Demon Slayer can maybe learn the final Vermillion Eye form, but it could very well die out upon Kanao’s death, making it a rare and limited power. Kanao Tsuyuri’s Vermillion Eye is indeed strong, but when compared to the Naruto universe, Sasuke Uchiha’s eyes are proven to be much deadlier.

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