Why It’s Snowing In Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Spider-Man: Miles Morales appears to be in for a storm, with snow cascading through the city. It seems something sinister could be in store for Miles.

The weather outside is looking concerning for those enjoying Spider-Man: Miles Morales. With swirls of snow coating the city, players will find that the weather seems to be alluding to an oncoming event. The new game, which focuses on Miles Morales as a young Spider-Man out to prove himself, has gamers eager to scale the buildings and protect the city from danger as they did in the first Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4. With the freezing weather, and Peter Parker on hiatus as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Miles must be up to the test, regardless of the weather.

In the new installation for the Spider-Man series, players get to take up web-slinging with Miles Morales, a fierce teenager who aids Peter frequently and acts as a playable character during the first game. After being bitten by another genetically enhanced spider, Peter takes Miles in and begins to train him as another Spider-Man, helping to guide Miles as he deals with the loss of his father. When Peter goes with MJ to fulfill some work for the Daily Bugle, it is up to Miles to hold down the duties of protecting the city.

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As the player completes quests throughout the city, snowfall shrouds the skyscrapers and swirls ominously as Miles swings between buildings in his new Spider-Man Suit. However, Peter’s stylish gift can’t protect Miles from what the constant downpour of snow is alluding too. A blizzard is quickly making its way towards the city, and it will likely strike just in time to create complications for a major mission in the story, acting as an obstacle for Miles and a general struggle for players who must navigate the mission in whiteout conditions. The weather can’t hold Miles back, as he is the only one left to defend the city in Peter’s absence. This is a stark difference from the first Spider-Man, leaving him as the only playable character for fans to play as.

Villains Aren’t The Only Storm Miles Morales Faces As Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales artist snow


Conquering the incoming blizzard that attempts to hamper Miles’ efforts to do right as Spider-Man is one in a long list of obstacles for the determined teenager. As the player works through the story, Miles is on a mission to prove to Peter that he can help the people. Peter challenges Miles to look at the way that his father lived, and to give that same strength and courage to the right cause, as Miles trains to become the best Spider-Man he can be. Miles’ late father, a police officer, died in the line of duty, and this left Miles to contend with the struggles of being a young man alone. This is another factor that draws Miles to Peter. Their shared loss of parental figures is a connection point that helps Miles to embrace doing the right thing with Peter’s guidance.

With the blizzard encroaching on players enjoying the newest installment of the Spider-Man series, they will have the opportunity to see the city through Miles’ eyes, and watch the determined young Spider-Man blossom as he steps up to help Peter Parker in protecting the people. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an action pact journey through growth, grief and determination to do what is right as Miles takes fans through what it means to step up and do the right thing. While the incoming storm may seem ominous, the snow won’t stop players from swinging through the city in a sleek new Spider-Man suit.

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