Wonder Woman 1984 Needs To Include These Key Details From The Comics


It has become a habit of filmmakers to overlook points from the comics that superhero movies are based on. Wonder Woman did a pretty good job of being faithful to the source material, which was one of the reasons why the film worked so well. 

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In order to appease comic book fans and acknowledge where the characters come from, Wonder Woman 1984 would do well to bring in key details from the comics. These can not only be character traits and references, but can be used to explain how the plot unfolds. Let’s see which details would be most beneficial for this movie in particular.

10 Wonder Woman’s Siblings


Ever since the first Wonder Woman was released, fan theories have been prevalent over the potential involvement of her siblings somewhere down the line. Since this is the second movie, it’s time for her connections to characters like Jason, Hercules, and Achilles to come forward.

The reason for this is the fact that it’s a pretty glaring plot hole that her siblings haven’t even been seen, especially considering they’re supposed to be vastly powerful as well. Not to mention that Shazam! showed the titular hero having the powers of Achilles and Hercules.

9 Acknowledgment Of Previous Cheetah Identities

Wonder Woman 2 Cheetah Barbara Ann Minerva

The most commonly known version of the Cheetah is the Barbara Ann Minerva identity, who will be seen in Wonder Woman 1984 and has the potential to be better than her comic book counterpart. However, she’s the third character to be known under the Cheetah moniker, with the previous two being Priscilla Rich and Deborah Domaine.

The movie doesn’t need to include the other two identities as an essential part of Minerva’s arc, but they should still be referenced in order to establish the history of the character. Even the comics did this, with the first two identities being used by Minerva as one of her many aliases.

8 Cheetah’s Obsession With The Lasso Of Truth

In the comics, Cheetah’s original interest in Wonder Woman was due to her need to possess the Lasso of Truth. She became obsessed with acquiring it because she felt it was her right as a scientist, and took to manipulating Wonder Woman and even attacking the Amazons.

Judging by what’s shown in the trailer, this sounds like the perfect set-up for the film’s story and a great way to introduce the Cheetah character to the DCEU. If nothing else, Cheetah’s interest in the Lasso of Truth needs to remain, since it was this obsession that led to her being solidified as Wonder Woman’s archenemy.

7 The Amazon Olympics

Wonder Woman Spinoff About the Amazons in Development

Based on the word of the movie’s director herself, Wonder Woman 1984 is set to feature the Amazonian Olympics. However, there’s always the chance of this ending up being deleted. The movie needs to ensure this doesn’t happen, though, because the Olympics are a vital part of the Amazon culture.

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In fact, the first appearance of Wonder Woman in 1941’s All-Star Comics #8 had seen her take part in the Olympics to win the chance of accompanying Steve Trevor to America. The movie can add the Olympics in order to feature Diana’s past and to further carve out the backstory of Themiscyra.

6 Urzkartaga’s Influence On Cheetah

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to show Cheetah’s powers as part of a mystical backstory. It shouldn’t be left ambiguous, though, as those aware of facts about the character will agree that her connection to the ancient plant Urzkartaga needs to be stated.

After all, in the original chronology, her powers were as a result of ingesting a concoction made by Urzkartaga. Cheetah also became loyal to this god, which can be implemented in the movie’s story as well. It would make sense for Wonder Woman to go against another godlike being and her battles with Cheetah can be the way to do so.

5 Wonder Woman’s Willingness To Use Lethal Force

The use of lethal force has become downplayed in the DCEU, reserved mostly for hated supporting characters or situations where heroes had no choice. Wonder Woman 1984 should bring back the comic version’s willingness to tap into more violent means, especially considering Maxwell Lord is in the movie.

She had been the one to kill Lord in Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #219, meaning there is a precedent between these characters that can be reflected in the movie as well. This aspect would also make sense with Wonder Woman’s more hardened personality after what happened in the first film.

4 Steve Trevor’s Resurrection Through Mystical Means

Wonder Woman 1984 Chris Pine Steve Trevor Poster

Due to the first Wonder Woman’s release many years back, it’s still an unresolved question of the DCEU as to what Steve Trevor’s ultimate fate was. His resurrection can be explained the way it was in the comics, where he was brought back through mystical means.

It happened in 1976’s Wonder Woman #223, as Hippolyta had Aphrodite revive him. The movie can call back to this angle from the comics and there would be no issue of it fitting in the story since magic has been established within the DCEU.

3 Steve Trevor Being An Honorary Citizen Of Themiscyra

Steve Trevor and the Amazons in Wonder Woman (2009)

Steve’s sacrifice ultimately benefited the Amazons as well, although his association with Themyscira basically ended in Wonder Woman after he left with Diana. A key detail in the comics has to do with Steve — along with Batman and Superman — being an honorary citizen of Themyscira.

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This isn’t just any honor, as the Amazons consider handing this out as the highest level of respect. Wonder Woman 1984 can validate Steve’s sacrifice and his role among the Amazons by including this point within the story.

2 Wonder Woman’s Astral Powers

If anyone thinks they’re aware of the number of powers Wonder Woman has, then they need to think again. One of the forgotten powers is her ability to tap into the astral plane, where she could leave her body behind and travel somewhere else.

The movie doesn’t have to make this a part of Wonder Woman’s usual set of skills, but it would be appropriate to include the astral powers as an experience she undergoes to be with Steve. Storyline predictions aside, the astral power will also be a good nod toward her lineage from the gods of Olympus.

1 The Amazonian Courting Ritual

Wonder Woman Amazons

Wonder Woman had confirmed that Amazons did engage in relationships with one another. This aspect should be illustrated rather than simply stated, and 1984 can include the Amazonian courting ritual in order to portray how these relationships are formed.

To sum up, the ritual involves the offering of a coconut with a necklace inside it that the giver blesses and presents to her intended partner. The confirmation of their relationship involves a series of mental and physical tests to see their compatibility. Along with the Amazonian Olympics, the courting ritual is another great way of bringing their culture forward for the fans to understand.

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