Xbox Series X Players Already Reporting Loud, Weird Noises From Consoles


Despite launching yesterday, some of Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X units are already making weird humming and clicking noises, and some are faulty.

Less than a full 24 hours after launch, Xbox Series X players are already reporting weird, loud noises coming from their console, and some appear to be outright faulty. After some very flashy theatrics celebrating the console, the Xbox Series X is now being reported to have more than its fair share of issues by users on Twitter.

It goes without saying that this year has been composed almost entirely of less-than-ideal conditions for both Xbox and PlayStation, as both consoles have been reported having their own unique set of issues lately: Xbox Live crashed on launch day for the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5 was proven to be prone to overheating in the wrong conditions.

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Not to be outdone, the Xbox Series X has been reported by several Twitter users as making odd noises, and apparently not taking discs. ScottJamison313 posted a video Monday night (before the console officially released) that featured the new console making a continuous, very fast paced chirping noise. Hours later on launch day, RWillows posted their own video of the same problem.

However, the most eyebrow-raising clip came from drknickel, who documented their Xbox Series X not accepting their disc, despite repeated attempts. It is unclear if these issues are in anyway related (they probably are not), but these videos are still not what players want to see when weighing their next-gen purchase (Xbox executives probably are not pleased to see this either). Particularly in drknickel’s case, the only way to remedy the issue might be to have the console shipped off and either repaired or replaced, and it calls the placement of the disc drive so close the console’s side wall into question when Microsoft knew the consoles would eventually be packed up and sent off on nationwide and global shipments.

Trying to get a new next-gen console replaced when supply is already low would most likely prove to be annoying on its own, but factor in the current coronavirus pandemic and the fact that there may be others with the same issue seeking the same solution, and suddenly the fix could become ridiculously difficult.

Hopefully, at least some of these issues can be easily explained or (ideally) remedied by a software patch from Xbox. The Xbox Series X is meant to last years while giving top line performance, but these early videos might end up being cause for concern. At the time of writing, Xbox has not commented on the videos.

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Source: ScottJamison313, RWillows, drknickel

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